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Acceptance and the denial of TRUTH

We are conditioned to become creatures of habit, rote and ritual. Very often we do something within the human life experience "because we always do" or "we have always done this".  Human memory is fickle and none more so than in relation to the rote and ritual of the everyday human life experience itself.  Whilst religious rote and ritual can be seen for that which is represents there is a more hidden rote and ritual that remains hidden especially if we try to question it or attempt to look at it head on.

We have just celebrated a rote and ritual that many tie into the pagan form of worship, the lifting of veils, the various words in various languages that seek to explain and to further hide that which halloween is in TRUTH. We are now heading towards one of the major illusions that affects the entire human population but which is buried (I use this word deliberately) within the various layers of cultural tradition (rote and ritual) and which the frenzy is already beginning, that of Christmas.

Many will trigger at this due to the intense conditioning that there has to be a belief involved in order to take part in a ceremony which is not that which is presented to the naked human eyes.  Christmas has NOTHING to do with Christ, nothing to do with the construct of religion (albeit they have hijacked it) and all to do with sovereignty and authority.  Both of which are sacrificed in order to remain in the old earth construct/matrix itself.  Whilst actual human sacrifice is not involved in the ceremony of Christmas as such (in the traditional way of actually slaying a human being) it is linked to it.  The rituals have been adopted and the memory wiped. Many sit down to a hearty meal with the rich ingredients and then cover themselves with the illusion that somehow they are playing a part in the birth of Christ.  Others will sit down and cover themselves with the illusion that the ceremony is about "family" but hardly any will sit down knowing exactly what they are practicing.

There are many layers when it comes to authority and sovereignty. The construct of religion seeks to have us hand it over to the leaders of the churches.  Countries seek to have us hand it over to the rulers of state.  Authority and sovereignty goes beyond countries, goes well beyond any construct that the old earth/matrix seeks to place before humanity. The purpose however is the same, to have humanity bow to a FALSE authority and sovereignty and in doing so repeatedly sell their souls back to the slave masters of  said old earth construct/matrix.

The soul construct is the contract between the authority and sovereignty of darkness over the human life experience of the human being. It is NOT something to be held on to.  The only way that we can pay the "debt" that is incurred upon incarnation into said old earth construct/matrix is thru the blood of Christ and thru our enforcing of His Victory on the Cross.  All other attempts are simply selling the soul on to various dimensional entities that keep the original contract intact.  No belief is necessary.

We are blinded by the illusion that we live in a world that has progressed beyond the ancient world. We read the Word of YHWY and we are fooled into the belief that is is something that has already happened worse still we are fooled into accepting a context for it due the butchering of its ORIGINAL information.

We are presented with a glossy picture of a perfect life, one that is never obtainable without "sacrifice", always the word "sacrifice" and those who sacrifice the most are hailed as heroes in order to further anchor the conditioning that the human life experience is something to be experienced thru separation, trauma and pain.

Many celebrate their soul and go to extra ordinary lengths to go into the finite detail trying to align with SOUL purpose. The entire purpose of the soul is to tie the human life experience to the old earth matrix thru the selling of AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY nothing else. The illusion is indeed dense, the finer print, well the DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL. Always that which is received for the contract is different to that which is promised.

The original sellers of the SOUL are no longer in human physical form and yet their descendants (i.e humanity) are.  With each generation the blood contracts are passed on and they sit with the DNA/RNA of the human physical form itself.  It is the DNA/RNA that receives the frequency that is contained within the SOUL that is incarnated INTO the physical plane thru birth into human form.

It remains hidden and will seek to hide itself, at times it will seek to present itself as the friend, as something that we cannot do without. It even seeks to hide within human language, many within humanity seek to swap out soul with SPIRIT. SPIRIT is not soul and soul will reject spirit at all opportunities.

Lucifer set up a very convincing illusion which seeks to have those who can accept there are different dimensions and different realities with various pathways that lead back to the same crossroads and the same wheeling and dealing.  Many soul contracts are now being renewed, there are 4 major life events where the bartering begins and the selling is in full swing. For humanity they are presented as BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH and RESURRECTION.    When the human soul reaches any of these major life events the veils are lifted and the soul will be resold, remain with the owner or reaped fully.

This December more people will die at the hands of supposed loved ones that at any other time in the human linear calendar.  There will be more alcohol related incidents that at any other time in the human linear calendar and more rapes, sexual assaults and violent incidents that at any other time.  ALL of it will be rationalized as a part of the festivities.  The actual human sacrifice that takes place becomes a news bulletin and a refusal to see beyond the veil that is lifting.

In TRUTH our sovereignty and authority rest with our Creator YHWY, not with the old earth construct/matrix.  For those who are surrendered IN Christ (in the car not just standing outside of it) the coming few linear weeks will see a need to enforce the Victory on the Cross as that which walks among humanity works from the premise that all are available. This is not TRUTH and the stand taken now will be accepted for TRUTH JUST IS. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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