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Acceptance is the KEY to CHANGE in TRUTH

We are born into a construct that seeks to have us deny that which is presented to us. As we work to deny the outer waking picture it begins to solidify around us.  The key to change in TRUTH is acceptance of the outer waking picture, it is by accepting the "reality" of it that allows for it to be dissolved. As this seems to be an oxymoron the human logical mind will reject it but this is due to the intense conditioning that we are subject to, that life somehow HAS to make sense.

The faster the outer waking reality shifts is down to our acceptance that nothing HAS to make anything. In order to be fully in the NOW moment that is widely talked about, we have to let go of the fear that births as we see a picture that we have denied and which can and will change as soon as we make the internal shift.  It is the denial that anything can be shifted and altered that keeps the solidity of the outer waking reality in place.

Let us take an example of this and use a very emotionally intense example. Let us take the death of a loved one. The first and most intense reaction to a death is denial. We move into a space which tells us that this is not happening and for many within humanity this space is then hidden within. We can lose a loved one and spend years, decades if not the rest of our human life experience within this space of denial this is hidden to us thru our emotional reaction to the loss.  We may seek to come to terms with the loss by altering our outer waking reality but it is an illusion. We may move thru the various stages of grief by changing what our outer waking reality resembles but it will always reset itself.   It is how it resets that confuses the human logical mind and keeps it within the denial frequency.

Now take this example and place it upon a time in humanity when everything is shifting and changing and chaos seems to be rising to the surface. We are now bombarded with information that seeks to harness the crop that the seeds of fear planted within us have grown.  We go into denial, we seek to find solutions to problems that simply do not exist out with the picture that is being presented. It is fear that is driving the outer waking reality but the fear is not external, it is the harnessing of 8 million vessels ALL running individual fears that are linked together.

So how do we work with this when we are harnessed and shackled together? the answer is relatively simple we must take ownership of our own fear and go within to dissolve it. Fear is NOT a part of the human life experience, it is a created frequency that is used against humanity but has been sold to humanity as something natural. We are taught how to fear and we are taught within our own family structures. As little children we enter this world with a need to explore, it is the fear of the caregivers around us that is then anchored within us and we soon LEARN to place boundaries internally to placate the fears of those around us.

As we grow and live we then accept the internalized fear as our own and we begin to view the outer waking reality as the family unit views it. We will find that those around us police this fully and when we make a movement in our outer waking life experience that triggers this internal fear in those nearest to us they take action to anchor the fear back within us.

This push/pull way of living is then denied as we convince ourselves that we are our own person and that we can do as we wish. Whilst this is true to a certain point there will be defined areas of the human life experience where this is not true.  Freedom is all encompassing, it is not partial.  We are not free if we hold ourselves to the judgment of those around us in ANY part of the human life experience.  Now in stating this there will be those reading this blog who state that this is called selfishness, nothing is further from truth. It is possible to have compassion and deep love for those in our human life experience and still make the movements that we are required to make in service to our Creator YHWY.

Let us use the example that is used to chain humanity, CHRIST ON THE CROSS.  Why did Christ not simply listen to those who loved him and not go to the Cross? why did He put those who loved him thru so much pain? He followed the Will of our Creator YHWY because He could understand the bigger picture.  If He had not gone to the Cross and gone into and beyond death itself then none of us would have been able to see the path out of the old earth construct.   He would have been selfish to deny us the opportunity, it was His ability to reach a level of love that sits at a wider angle that allowed for Him to do that which His Father demanded of Him.

As we move within the expansion in TRUTH process we are called ever higher. We are called to make movement that in one tiny aspect of the picture may look like we are going against our own loved ones but we are not. Only by making the movement that we are asked to make by our Creator YHWY can we see the bigger picture and understand that the vastly bigger picture is well beyond that which humanity in general can see let alone understand. The old earth construct/matrix is a but a corner in a much bigger picture but humanity have been denied the bigger picture for ever.

As this picture is now exposed we are moved into greater understanding and we can then take a breath and dissolve that which ties us to an anchor that is but a part of a wider ocean, that is keeping us within a miniscule picture and which has tied humanity to this anchor to prevent them from reaching the understanding of the entire construct itself. For it serves a purpose that is BEYOND itself and as this is now being revealed it is possible to put the human life experience as it has been lived into context.

It is this context that is being revealed and which will DESTROY the old earth construct/matrix fully and it is precisely why there is so much opposition to it. Denial is the forerunner of compromise, it is the nail that keeps the lid of slavery tightly closed and it is the frequency that is now coming up to be dissolved.

Humanity are but one part of a wider Creation in TRUTH that has been keep isolated, denied their birthright and in said denial denied TRUTH at galactic levels and beyond. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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