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Acceptance is the Key to the NEW in TRUTH

For many within humanity the daily human life experience is experience in a negative way.  How often do we share negative experience and in doing so highlight said negative experience?   The conditioning in relation to the "glass" is another optical illusion that is presented to and fully accepted by the human logical mind.  The question of course being in relation to the glass being "half full or half empty".  That which is hidden from the human logical mind is that the glass does not exist, so it is irrelevant whether it is half full or half empty, the glass just IS.

This statement of JUST IS is rejected by the majority of humanity who seek to label and in doing so reject the experience that they are labeling.  When we sit in the chair of rejection we sit on the side lines of the human life experience itself.  Denial is the root of the illusion that is presented to our human logical mind and feeds and illusion that wraps itself tightly around us. In order for the old earth construct/matrix to exist it has to present the picture that IT is in control and that those who are within it are powerless to do anything about it.

Let us use an example to illustrate this deep illusion.  No matter where we are , what age we are, what experience we have we have choice.  Whether the choice is presented or hidden does not negate the choice.  The choice we have is in how we react to that which is around us. If we react with anger then we will experience MORE anger, if we react with calm we will experience more calm etc.  Now many will state that it is not possible not to be angry, if we are faced with an angry person then how can we be calm in the face of this?  It is choice.  If we feel the anger stir within us we are mirroring that which is within the other person. The anger is the trigger, it is not the issue, the issue is the denial that we have the ability to mirror what is being presented. Many who are able to work at spiritual levels with mirrors attempt to do so by focusing on the reflection not able to accept that the reflection is ALWAYS OF THEMSELVES, never the other person.

When we deny our own emotional response to the outer waking reality we side step it. As we side step it we bury it and as we bury it then it begins to grow but the root remains hidden. ALL emotional distress is connected to the spiritual realm first and foremost. Without addressing the distress on a spiritual level then the root cannot be removed. Yes it is possible to temporarily address the distress and there are a myriad of counselors and therapists out there who treat patients continually.  They are the balm to the problem but we are now asked to take the band aid off the wounds in order that they heal fully and permanently.

A spiritual wounding will reset itself continually. It may take a number of linear years to do this but it will reset.  It will manifest in a variation of that which was originally experienced and this remains hidden to the majority of humanity. At this time many within humanity are refacing that which has caused them intense emotional distress in their human life experience and for many this distress is now amplified through the realization that it is not healed, it may have remained hidden but the actual wound is still open and it is raw.  Attempts at healing using traditional methods employed by those tethered to the old earth construct/matrix will not work because we are asked to heal wounds in TRUTH, not salve them, not put a band aid over them and carry on with life but to allow deep healing.

This brings up a lot of fear for many within humanity and fear is not of our Creator YHWY. The main difference between dealing with a wound spiritually first and foremost and dealing with it only physically is the depth of healing and the speed of healing. The "miracle" that humanity cry out for is available but it is to be received beyond the confines of the physical plane that we are simply conditioned to accept is all that there is.

We are spirit in a human physical vehicle. That which ails our spirit affects our human physical vehicle and it is not the other way around.  We can have all the faith in the world, we can have all the knowledge in the world but if our spirit is crying out for healing and we ignore the cry then we are in denial of our own spirit and in being in denial we are then in denial of our own creation purpose and our Creator in TRUTH.

The food for our spirit is not that which man believes is food for his body.  We can attempt to fuel our human physical vehicle with all the good stuff but if we ignore the needs of our spirit then we are undermined before we even begin.  For many within humanity at this time the soaring health problems are simply the manifestation of a wounded spirit, spending time at the gym does nothing but cement the denial and prevent the healing process from even beginning.

At this time we are asked to nourish our spirit, for it has thirsted for some time and in nourishing our spirit we move into acceptance of who we are in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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