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Accepting the NEW in TRUTH

Often when we are "waiting" we do not realize that the "waiting" is for us to accept and that by accepting by surrendering fully is all that is required. We live in a dimensional space that BREAKS the rules of Wider Creation in TRUTH in all and every way. Those who run this dimensional space hide this by teaching the false teachings of "doing" and " manifesting". These false teachings simply use up energy supplies and leave us often in a vaccuum which the human logical mind defaults to as "not enough".

There are many and varied false teachings around abundance and receiving, what we are asked to accept and understand is that we do not require to do anything other than surrender. Surrender is not passive, and this of course triggers the human logical mind, for how can we surrender and still be active? this question of course is redundant. When we are ALIGNED with TRUTH it is TRUTH that manifests, we are the receivers of said manifestation thru our ALIGNMENT with it.

This of course is not accepted by a race that has fought to stay alive due to the horrors that it has been subject to. TRUTH flows, LIFE in TRUTH flows and it is the flowing that we will resist believing that unless we somehow control the flow then we will be swept way. Nothing is further from TRUTH.

WE ARE asked at this time to allow the flow of TRUTH INTO the human life experience that we are living at this time. This will see movement that may trigger us fully and as we trigger we must go deep within to find the root of the TRIGGER for it is the TRIGGER that is preventing the flow. View the Old Earth Matrix as a mined field, everything that attempts to reach us that will change what the Old Earth Matrix conditions has been given a trigger to prevent us from RECEIVING. The Old Earth does not require to do anything other than condition humanity to REJECT receiving, humanity does the rest.

How often when faced with decisions and/or choices do we default to what has occurred already or use the human logical mind to aid in our choice? the answer is every single time until we become aware of the conditioning and then allow TRUTH to reveal the conditioning. It is the surrender of the conditioning that sees paths forged where the human logical mind perceives walls.

WE ARE at this time undergoing a deep cleanse and this cleanse is to the very CORE of our being. WE ARE asked to surrender it all, every single thing and that which remains and flows is TRUTH whether we can accept it or not. Often Creator thru Christ will hold us very tightly indeed, it is thru the GRACE of CREATOR that we make the connections internally that reveal that which is working against us and that which we are simply blind to until we are opposed. For the opposition at this time now moves to Wider Creation in TRUTH.

In this dimensional space we are very closed, we are restricted until we are no longer restricted. So we allow our Spirit in TRUTH to open the doors that are simply frequency boundaries which we have been conditioned to allow to remain. It is the physical experience of these doors opening at human everyday waking level that we are now gifted.



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