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Accepting TRUTH walking in PEACE

As we now approach the reaping event where those who are within the old earth matrix are "rewarded" for their sacrifice to said old earth matrix there will be many who are at breaking point. We have to accept TRUTH in order to walk firmly within in and the most challenging aspect of this is the lie that we have to reveal in order to reach beyond it. As we have seen across the social media platforms in the run up to the "festive event" many have permitted themselves to look beyond the conditioning in relation to that which said "festive event" celebrates. However the journey has been only to that which they are willing to accept.

Whilst we look at the pagan roots of an event we will tend to tidy it up and to neuter it so that it fits with the landscape today. There are various practices that humanity have indulged within that are abhorred in today's climate but that does not negate that which was practiced. This is the veil that will now be removed in order that we can accept where we are at this moment and in doing so RELEASE IT FULLY. It is not possible to release something until we have reached the understanding that it requires to be released.

The Old Earth Matrix relies on the backlash from those who are in the denial stage of a process to control the behavior of those who are able to go beyond the denial stage. Just as when we walk thru the process of grief, we have to reach beyond the anger and the denial in order to walk fully thru it. When this is linked to something that affects more of society, such as in past major conflicts and wars that have affected countries the walking past the anger and the denial is delayed, sometimes indefinately by those who seek to harness the emotional destruction that occurs when we do not allow the walking thru anger and denial. Thus we have wars that go indefinitely as RACIAL TRAUMA is raked over repeatedly.

The calm before the storm is always the space in which we allow ourselves to prepare for that which will unfold. We at this time are asked to sit deep within our heart space as the build up now continues. Many are able to reach the waves of incoming expansive energy that is now occurring, the energy comes to REVEAL TRUTH it does not come to hide it. In a dimensional space where horror, separation, trauma and pain and death are CELEBRATED this is the washing away of that which is placed upon said horror, separation, trauma, pain and death in order to hide it. It does not remove the horror et al.

For a society that is now neutering itself beyond anything ever seen before it will be an eye opening series of events that many will simply turn away from. Turning away does nothing to the event itself, to hide your eyes from TRUTH does not mean that TRUTH is not there, it just means that you are not prepared to accept TRUTH.

We do not require a percentage of humanity to accept TRUTH in order to change anything. These false teachings seek to dis-empower those who can and will see. TRUTH JUST IS, it does not require our acceptance to turn the tables on those who have used the lies to cover TRUTH and to prevent it from being seen. This will be a memorable space in humanity and their evolution process and it will begin to gather speed as the moments count down to that which is sold as a mass peace event. Nothing is further from TRUTH, there is no peace within the Old Earth Matrix because it is a harvesting machine. This is akin to expecting a knife not to cut yet still be sharp.

We are asked at this time to hand back all that is being illuminated within us by our Spirit in order that we dissolve the frequencies that are now amplified in an attempt to prevent TRUTH from being accepted beyond the 144,000. This is a ploy that has been used in previous attempts at preventing that which cannot be.

The Old Earth Matrix is now preparing for a recycling that will never happen due to the awakening process that has planted seeds of TRUTH where before there were simply empty seed pods. When these seeds germinate thru the tears of humanity there will be a vastly different frequency birthed within a race that has seen nothing but trauma, pain and separation as an option.

We are asked to hold the space for the watering of the seeds and to KNOW that we are now preparing for extraction in TRUTH for our entire purpose within this dimensional space was to prepare the seeds for germination. From that moment on it is a natural process that occurs, for Wider Creation in TRUTH is the process that said seeds are to be connected to, this is done by stepping back from a race that has now woken to new possibilities and to allow them to catch up as it were to ALL.



(c) Karen Doonan

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