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Accessing Love in TRUTH

We are in this our human form conditioned to reference love in a variety of ways.  I once heard a sermon where the person talking explained that we use approximately 5 different "love languages" and that if two people are having challenges with their relationship there is a good chance that the couple are speaking in different love languages.  We interpret love in a variety of ways, someone doing something for us may be interpreted by one person as love whilst someone gifting something to us is interpreted as an act of love. It differs greatly from person to person.  So how can love come in a variety of different ways and how can Love in TRUTH be different to what humanity expect love to be?

LOVE in TRUTH is Christ Himself, He loves us like no other can because He is not bound by human conditioning. He is the one and only connection that we have to our Creator YHWY and many interpret our Creator YHWY falsely.  Often we will find opposition to what we attempt to do in our waking human life experience not because our Creator YHWY does not love us but because HE DOES LOVE US and is opposing us because He can see where our actions will lead us.  We are blind until we can see and often we will find ourselves in direct conflict with the will of our Creator YHWY because of this very human trait.

Our Creator YHWY is a loving Father and wishes to help and support us but He can only do this when we are actually walking in TRUTH. When we step off the narrow path He will reprimand us and have us look again to understand where our actions would lead in order to help us grow.  It is one thing to enter the Salvation in TRUTH process but we do not enter the process to remain in the state that we are in when we do.  We do not venture beyond the Cross only to become a shinier, somehow happier version of who we believe ourselves to be.  The entire point of Christ going to the Cross was to show us that there is life beyond where we believe it to be. Just like walking towards an exit door, it serves no one for us to stand at the door and not actually walk through it.

At this time in our human life experience the outer waking reality continues to dissolve, chaos continues to blossom and the separation makes itself more and more known. So how do we navigate the myriad of options that are presented to us in said outer waking world?  We pray and we ask for guidance from our Creator YHWY through our connection to His Son, Christ.  We ask for help for we were never created to navigate the end of times alone and separate from our Creator YHWY.  He is our LIGHT in the darkness, it is His Son who comes to take our hand but it is our Creator YHWY who shows us how to live a new life in a new way.

This time of the linear year is challenging for all. The intense pressure to be "perfect", to spend, to have a "good time" is ramping up.  This hides the pain and trauma that many are dealing with personally, broken relationships, physical loses and painful memories of those who have gone before us.  All is glossed over and the media pushes humanity at all times to succumb to said intense pressure.

We are asked to pray for those who are going through challenging times and we include ourselves in this prayer. For we have the ability to bring cheer to those around us or to fall to the illusion that it is every person for themselves.  Being respectful to those around us, to lend a helping hand to a neighbor, to spend time with those who need to talk and listen to them all make a difference.  We do not have to empty our bank balance in order to enjoy and to spread cheer and this is often forgotten in the chaos and the intensity of the run up to the "day".

We must remember our own humanity and understand that we took human form for a reason. The world around us may be disintegrating for it is not TRUTH but we are promised a new life and a new way of being. It is LOVE in TRUTH to show compassion for those around us, it is LOVE in TRUTH to forgive and to understand that these days will become darker for it is prophesy that cannot be stopped. We are asked to be the light for those around us who still stumble in the darkness. Kindness costs nothing yet to another is priceless. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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