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Accessing our birthright in TRUTH

It is all very well to state that we have a right to freedom in TRUTH but it is quite another to understand how we have no freedom until we walk in TRUTH.  Many who live across the dimensional space referenced as "earth" believe that they are free but do so by comparing themselves to those around them.  One country may be compared to another and the inhabitants of another country then compare one way of living to another and decide that they have more "freedoms" but "freedoms" are not TRUTH.  What they are in effect seeing is that they are permitted to move more freely but this does not mean they are free.

Human language is used repeatedly by darkness to enslave humanity and to continue to wrap them in the logic and reason that prevents TRUTH from being revealed. A lie can be a truth when put in a context but it is not TRUTH, a lie is 99.9 percent of TRUTH, it is the 0.1 per cent that keeps it from being so.  Now take that 0.1 per cent and turn it into a degree, then set sail.  That 0.1 per cent which is now 0.1 DEGREE of an angle will increase the more the journey unfolds.

All darkness had to do was build upon a lie and present it as a truth.  TRUTH is SINGULAR and never changes, human language likes to present the false teaching of "my truth", "his/her truth" and in doing so presents a logic and reason illusion that the human mind absorbs and references.

If there are many "truths" in an area of the human life experience there is NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER, there are just many seeds that are made up of the 99.9 per cent that darkness required to use. It is not the 99.9 per cent that is important, it is the 0.1 per cent that was altered and at this time within the awakening in TRUTH process this 0.1 per cent is being illuminated in order it can be dissolved and removed.

We cannot live a life in TRUTH continually being off course, we will find various enticing journeys that are presented to us but all that they do is veer us off course.  It is not possible to enter the expansion in TRUTH process keeping a very logical view of the outer waking life experience, hence knowledge is not our friend. Knowledge is one dimensional and remains so, it is brought to life thru various assumptions but as it is not TRUTH it will remain sterile, continually requiring assumptions to keep it alive.

By contrast TRUTH has a life of its own, it is a living, breathing frequency that reveals itself continually because of its frequency. It is a frequency that cannot be contained, it cannot be manipulated, it can be hidden, it can be denied and it can be rejected but this does not alter it in any way.

At this time the conditioning that has seen humanity prevented from accessing its own birthright is being illuminated very clearly. We are asked to go deep within our heart space and to surrender IN CHRIST in order to do the necessary work that sees this frequency removed from our human life experience fully.  The main obstacle to actual healing, which is permanent and which is abundant is denial, where we find denial there can be no real permanent healing due to the stasis and the side stepping of the actual frequency which is manifesting itself.

ALL FREQUENCY HAS AN INBUILT DEFENSE MECHANISM that requires to be addressed first and foremost. When faced with something that has been denied, refuted and dismissed the first defense is often anger.  It is the frequency that darkness uses to hide itself for it has created an automatic response within humanity who run not only from anger but who use it as a weapon where they assume they are being attacked.

This is akin to attempting to help a wounded animal which is cornered and in pain. Said wounded animal needs help with its wounds but sees only the enemy.  In order to placate the wounded animal many within humanity have simply sat down beside it hoping to keep it from wounding them. This only fuels the pain of the animal.  In this example the wounded animal is man for we have been conditioned to believe that somehow being in pain serves us. IT DOES NOT. IT IS NOT A NATURAL STATE OF BEING but it has been forced upon us and this conditioning is now revealed in order that we can step beyond it and surrender our pain fully.

From surrender IN Christ comes the movement to understanding that sees us lay down the weapons we have been using on OURSELVES and in this sees a complete reset of the human life experience itself at everyday human waking level.  For many at this time this is a very painful part of the process but when put in context to the sheer amount of pain we have permitted to become part of us is nothing. It is akin to removing a band aid that has been kept too long upon a wound. The actual removal of the band aid will hurt but what comes after this is deep permanent healing. Many are bracing themselves fearing the removal of the band aid itself not understanding that the toxicity of the wound itself is the main aggressor.  In a world where we are conditioned to accept and to alter our behavior to match this will feel at times like going against the current, that somehow we are swimming against said CURRENT and in doing so are being drained, we are being drained of the toxicity that sees us illuminated to darkness for reaping and harvesting.  This is not the same as being drained of energy, for in order to be in the frequency of TRUTH we have to be the correct voltage. A battery that has begun to leak is toxic, it CORRODES ALL AROUND IT and this will now be shown in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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