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Accessing Salvation in TRUTH - the narrow road

Within religion and non religion we are given defined reference points for various human words and concepts. It is this conditioning, this defining of what we are asked to understand through our heart through experience that seeks to hide what is often termed the "narrow road".  Lucifer has simply given the human race a map and called it other than it is.  We do not use our eyes to find the narrow road, we must use our heart space but the conditioning within Lucifer's world is so strong that many within humanity interpret "heart" with their human logical mind.

Understanding is beyond "knowing", it is only through experience that we fully understand something. We can read manuals and instruction leaflets til we are blue in the face, only actually physically interacting produces an experience. Take ski-ing as an example, we can research this subject, we can read books, we can purchase the latest equipment, we can even use a dry ski slope but until we are atop a mountain hurtling down said mountain we are not having the physical experience of ski-ing.  So we can have detailed "knowledge" of a subject but no understanding through experience.

Such is the conditioning that is being applied to humanity at this time we are being forced to accept "virtual" as real and as the human logical mind does not make the distinction we are being fed false reference points that state it is experience but is not. Forcing everything "online" is robbing humanity of physical experience and for the generations who are now born into this technological age their conditioning is even more extreme for they simply accept that "virtual" is their outer waking life experience.1 Samuel 16:7 (KJV) But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart

We are asked to embrace our humanity which is beyond the physical appearance presented, we can appear to have it altogether and this faux appearance is what drives the separation even deeper. For those who are suffering at this moment the media will continue to deny this by showing the appearance of "perfect", pushing promotions that seek to define "perfect", seeking to push the need to be "perfect" and those who fall to only their eyes will be pulled into the manipulation that this produces.  Whether this to be to body weight, to height, to age, to hair color, the list is endless and humanity is now being bombarded with these false reference points.

We can change the outer appearance daily but it does nothing to change the internal and it is only by changing the internal that any external change can happen and be anchored fully.  Our Creator YHWY is not looking for "perfect" for we have taken human physical form, our humanity is within our "flaws", our humanity is within our heart space.  To look out onto a world and understand that those who are within said world hurt and they hurt to levels beyond their own understanding.  To have a kind word to a stranger, a smile to someone in the passing, these little things are big things to others.  It is recognizing that we are all in this together, we are all human and in our humanity there is a TRUTH that is being eroded continually.

It is our heart that our Creator YHWY sees, it is our heart that He responds to. Nothing we have ever done can keep us separate from our Creator YHWY in TRUTH.  Lucifer's world is set up to produce pain, separation and trauma, the healing of this starts with forgiveness and this is the grace that our Creator YHWY bestows on us when we open our hearts to His Son, Christ.  We first of all must be forgiven for until we begin the process of Salvation in TRUTH we are still blind to that which has played out around us for eternity. It is the start of the journey that Salvation is in TRUTH and the key to unlocking the door into our Creator YHWY's kingdom is forgiveness. For more information please click here. Kx

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