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Accessing the internal foundation in TRUTH

We are here in our human physical form in order that we can experience human life however there are many and varied false teachings that seek to define this experience and in doing so blind us at this physical human level.  We are both spirit and human vessel and the density of the human vessel is that which works against us at an everyday waking human level.  We will find that the human vessel itself has various settings that tend to reset, so whilst at a spiritual level we can fully understand and work with scenarios at the basic human everyday waking level we will find resistance. This resistance sits at the deep DNA/RNA level and there are many and varied false teachings that set out to teach humanity that genetic coding is static and permanent. This is not TRUTH.

Our genetic DNA/RNA is not fully understood by science because at a deep level it is locked to the spiritual realm.  Humanity have forever been on the quest to understand how they are made and what they are made of but in said search have been kept to the very logical and linear dimensions in said search. We may read about "fringe" science, we may relegate a lot of what is found to "conspiracy" but there will always be some "element" of TRUTH in that which is found. The key of course is the "element" of TRUTH, truth itself presented within the old earth construct/matrix can be 99% truth it is the 1% that makes it a lie and thus an illusion.  Darkness is like a small child who bullies in the playground, whilst it wants to keep its bullying under wraps so that it can continue it also wants to exert its control and its power so is always playing hide and seek within humanity.  Giving us glimpses and sometimes standing in full daylight but relying on our ability to deny that which is staring us in the face.

As we move thru the expansion in TRUTH process we will begin to work more fully at both a spiritual and physical everyday human level. The spiritual realm is LOCKED into the human vessel in ways that are hidden deliberately.  The construct of religion seeking to hide this thru the presentation of Christ Himself.  Presenting Him as an idol is against the word of YHWY and yet many variants of traditional mainstream religion have Him precisely in this role. This is to further hide that which Christ had access to in His human form when He walked the earth. It is in the interest of those who manipulate and created this dimensional space to allow Christ to be placed in this role. To have humanity place Him in a role that they perceive they cannot step into.  Thus we have miracles that are placed at the feet of an idol and in accepting this we move into rebellion.

It is our Creator YHWY who sent His Son into this dimensional space in order to show TRUTH.  This is denied by the construct of religion who seek to place Christ in a role of sacrificial lamb and deny all else.  Whilst He was sacrificed (sacrifice taking a completely different context to that which is obvious when viewed in TRUTH) this was permitted by our Creator YHWY in order that Christ could reveal that which has been denied to humanity, that death is not the end.  So entrenched is death in the human life experience that many will simply not look at it. We are manipulated by sacrifice, whether this is being taught that we must take on the mantle of sacrifice or that in order to receive something there has to be a sacrifice that is made in order to receive.

The role of Christ was to reveal that which is BEYOND DEATH and this is a dimensional space that has been denied to humanity who have reach death and then been recycled lifetime after lifetime. The harvesting of human souls is the alchemy that keeps humanity trapped in a cycle that is not TRUTH but which is widely accepted and not only accepted but often celebrated.  It is akin to sacrificing ourselves and then sending ourselves a bunch of flowers afterwards.   Viewed in this context it makes no sense and it has never made sense, it has simply been presented as the only option.

So darkness continues its teachings and those who are now within the next level of the expansion in TRUTH process are now working to release this internal foundation that we have built our entire existence upon. Christ lives not because it is written down in a book that is widely debated but because He is the Son of our Creator YHWY and has a frequency that is beyond that which He had when He was first born into human physical form.

When He revealed Himself to the disciples and advised them not to touch Him because He had not fully ascended yet it was down to the adjustment of His frequency.  The human form is DENSE for a reason, ALL is frequency, ALL is vibration and it is the manifestation of this that we interact with in this dimensional space.

As more and more are now waking up within humanity and are able to have the physical human experiences required to jolt them out of the slumber that ALL of humanity have been kept within this will expand. We are not here to be led like cattle to the slaughter whilst experiencing trauma, separation and pain albeit this has been the life experience for humanity to date, we are here to experience wider Creation in TRUTH within a physical human form.  This TRUTH will begin to spread and to expand as those who are now moving in frequency begin to address that which has prevented this from being understood fully.

At this time we are asked to remain in our full surrender IN Christ as He now moves us at a very human physical everyday level in TRUTH. Blending our spiritual knowing and understanding into our human physical everyday form. This is a process that is done under the full guidance of our Creator YHWY for it is a process and cannot be hurried.  Thus we will then fully understand and anchor that which has been denied to us, namely our birthright. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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