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We can almost view the outer waking life experience as we do a computer screen, the actual coding for that which is presented on the screen hides the actual coding that is used. It is only by changing the format that is being presented that we can see the coding as lists of numbers.  In this our human physical form we are challenged hugely in being able to overlay one on top of the other or to read both at the same time.  This is of course what was presented within the MATRIX films with the lead character NEO being able to see the coding that was in use and alter said coding.

Whilst the analogy is simple the actual altering of the coding is slightly different, for coding read emotional manipulation. It is the emotions that we store deep within us that set up the outer waking reality that we experience.  The outer waking reality is then filled in for want of a better word with the old earth construct/matrix background.  Again much like a computer screen, imagine entering a video game as a player, it is only that which the player interacts with that is brought to life and so it is in the human life experience. Much of what we perceive as static and solid is simply the background, that which fills in the picture that is being presented to us in this our human physical form.

Take for example we are driving along the freeway and we are sharing lanes with vehicles. WE ASSUME that those in the vehicles alongside us are real and we assume that we are interacting with humanity but are we?  you will find that as you approach this example and even begin to interact with it the human logical mind will go straight to denial and yet this is what we are faced with each and every moment within the old earth construct/matrix. It is what makes it so tricky to walk in.   However we do not require to walk only within the old earth construct/matrix we require to walk in TRUTH which sits beyond the frequency limits of the construct, we access TRUTH thru the spiritual realm FIRST AND FOREMOST.

It is within the spiritual plane that we clear the obstructions, we clear the bindings and we open doors that remain hidden within the every day human life experience that is had within the old earth construct/matrix itself.  In order to access the INTERNAL SERVER we must approach from the spiritual realm and bypass the strongholds that protect said server.

The strongholds that protect the server are patrolled by a legion of entities that work to bind the human physical life experience to a frequency bandwidth that prevents access to the spiritual doors that remain closed until we can walk thru them IN CHRIST. It is not possible to access these doors any other way. Again using a very obvious example from the MATRIX TRILOGY, when NEO goes behind the matrix into the back doors that are access points and short cuts within the matrix itself he finds that he requires the key keeper to open said doors. Only the key keeper knows what is behind any of the doors but in order to reach SOURCE he requires not only the key keeper but HIMSELF, it is his frequency that allows him to pass securely thru the door to meet the architect.

CHRIST is both a key and a frequency and we require to be IN Him in order to make a similar journey which sees us physically exit that which we are held within until we go thru said spiritual doorways. All of this may seem like a lot of work and many will remain in denial of this requiring to be achieved and to be accessed but it is part of the expansion in TRUTH journey that many are now within.  We must access the internal server in order to reset the outer waking reality, this part of the expansion in TRUTH process will validate that which we have long felt but been unable to physically experience due to the strongholds. It is the taking down of the strongholds that allow for access points to be highlighted.

It is the strongholds themselves that seek to keep us in limbo and in doing so move those around us into the need to validate not only their own reality but to deny ours.  This is coming to the fore for many within humanity at this time and the distractions employed by the old earth construct/matrix are many and varied.

At this time we are asked to go within, to work with Christ thru our surrender IN Him in order to remove that which is seeking to keep hold of us at a human everyday waking level.  TRUTH JUST IS and it is our responsibility to remain aligned with TRUTH, any, all and every attempt at diverting us will be opposed by our Creator YHWY, where we find opposition we find a stronghold that is seeking to prevent our movement. IT IS THE STRONGHOLD AND NOTHING ELSE THAT IS CAUSING THIS EXPERIENCE.   This is vital to understand because the distractions themselves will present a seemingly valid solution that is anything but, it will simply lead to the reset of the situation and a circular mode of action that does nothing but continue the frustration that builds within our human physical vehicle.

To physically alter the physical realm it has to be spiritually opened first just as altering the physical to permanent healing requires the closing down of spiritual gateways that permit the disease and disharmony flowing in the first place. The "world" as we know it is not the foundation that we are conditioned to accept it is but the tv screen or monitor that we experience as a waking life in this our human form. To alter anything we have to go to source and to alter that which flows from it. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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