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Accessing the unconscious mind in TRUTH

Why would we do this? after all surely our beliefs are our own choice?  well no they are not, we are highly manipulated through the careful building of reference points in the outer waking reality, this is done through the objectification of those around us.  From the moment we are born into this dimensional space we are taught how to "label" and as we do this we hide the humanity of those around us. Where we see a "nurse" or a "teacher" we see the role and function of the job that said person has chosen to do. We do not see the person.  Then the outer waking reality conditions us heavily to respond to these labels in through the reference points we are given. Hence when we are faced with a person with a negative label we will be responding to said label and not necessarily the person that is standing in front of us.

At this time the re-branding of humanity is underway and the "branding" of course is done by that which is not seen by the human eyes.  "Branding" is a frequency that is placed within the energy system of the person who is ACCEPTING THE LABEL.  We use phrases like "herd mentality" but we do not necessarily see the context in which we are being manipulated.  To the realms that remain hidden to the naked human eyes humanity are their FOOD.  They view humanity in terms of food, and they prepare and nurture their crops and their food as per their needs. The demon who feeds on a person who is addicted to alcohol feeds from a slightly different bandwidth than the demon who prefers the humans who are perhaps wrapped in the frequency of grief.  This is hidden to humanity and a vast majority of humanity remain in denial as to the entire point of being born into this old earth construct/matrix.

Whilst our focus is on maintaining a human life experience (one we are highly conditioned to maintain and through this maintenance, accept) we are distracted and manipulated into various options.  Many within humanity are addicted to various distractions. Whether this be to fitness, health, drugs, alcohol, emotion etc, it plays to the needs of the old earth construct/matrix first and foremost.

In order to address any issue that we are experiencing in this physical realm we must address it within the spiritual realm.  All that is bound in the spiritual realm is bound on earth and vice versa.  In order to fully address an addiction problem that which feeds on the food produced through said addiction has to be bound and dealt with. Otherwise the addiction will manifest through another route. It is the demon that feeds that provides the temptation with which its prey then interacts. All of course stem from an emotional need that is presented as the addictive substance. No one picks up a needle and injects drugs because they are perfectly happy with their life and have no emotional trauma.   It is said emotional trauma that pulls the temptation to the user. Therefore addressing the problem at a purely physical level simply holds the person experiencing said addiction in place. Unless the spiritual and emotional realm are addressed the addiction will come back.

Many different methods have been tried, trying to abstain is akin for many to standing in front of an ocean with a thirst that never ends. Drinking from the ocean is toxic and yet the thirst is ever there. To remove the temptation and the addiction the demon at the root has to be addressed.

The old earth construct is like a computer, it has various systems in place but within the systems are hidden files that run the very foundation.  These are hidden until they are revealed, within the human physical form they are hidden at unconscious waking mind level but they can be found.  They cannot be found by addressing them through the mind itself, the mind works to protects its hidden foundation so we must address it through the heart space and go to the spiritual realm.  Then working symbolically we can release the frequencies that are binding the behavior and the experience in place.

At this time we are being asked to move deep into the heart space and to dissolve the labels that prevent us from seeing at an everyday waking level that which we interact with in the outer waking reality. The old earth construct/matrix is a master illusionist and when the veil is removed it is relatively straight forward to then remove it because once we see the snake wrapped in shiny paper we can see the actual snake and not get distracted by the glossy paper.

Humanity have not "suddenly" become victims to drugs, alcohol or other negative coping strategies. As the old earth construct/matrix nears the end of its incarnation cycle the harvesting gains and increases. In order to harvest from humanity said humanity have to be force grown and this forcing is done through the pressure now being applied at all levels of the human life experience.  The intense confusion, chaos and the need to survive in an ever increasing hostile environment is part of the design of said environment.

A construct that is designed to harvest will do just that. The only way not to be harvested is to remove the seeds that grow to become that which is harvested. This is a choice that is hidden from us but is available. WE have the choice as to whether to allow said seeds to grow and become a strong harvest or whether to uproot them and stop them from growing.  THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS OURS.

To understand more of the weeding process and the harvesting and how the old earth construct/matrix is designed please visit the main releasing eden website. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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