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As we are now approaching the edge of the frequency bandwidths that have held this our human physical vehicle in stasis we are asked to surrender fully in order to undergo ACCOUSTIC RESONANCE. This is a vital part of the walk from phase two of the full ascension to evolution process to phase three. It is all very well to keep moving debris at a "spiritual" level but that which is hidden is the physical level. For in order for prophesy to complete itself fully all who are involved in said prophecy must take a physical human form.

This is demanded by those who created this dimensional space and is not seen by humanity as they are held in limbo using frequency bandwidths that keep them blind and deaf to TRUTH. The Children from Wider Creation in TRUTH are able to move past this blind and deaf resonance due to their Spirit in TRUTH which alters the human physical vehicle that is hosting it.

So in Phase 3 we will see the breaking of the mold completely. It is a process that is undergone thru full SURRENDER. The human physical vehicle is at this time being hijacked and broken by those who seek to hold humanity hostage fully. The war on the human physical vehicle is an attempt by those who control humanity to maintain said control.

It is vital that we allow the process to fully move thru us. We will begin to experience full shifts in awareness and ability to see thru the veils due to the ACCOUSTIC RESONANCE frequency. It has long been prophecized that Creator will send His Angels to the aid of this race. Heaven is arriving, but in order to arrive it has to resonate with those who came from Heaven thru their human physical form. This births the WINGS that are necessary in order to RISE in TRUTH. It is the breaking of the shell in order the seed can germinate in TRUTH.



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