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Achieving BALANCE

It is vital that we understand that we are in movement and that movement is achieved thru maintaining balance. Balance is often misunderstood and always under estimated, it is one thing to gain in momentum but what happens if the momentum gained is not balanced? It is then very easy to be knocked sideways. As our integration into Wider Creation in TRUTH is achieved thru the release of emotional debris (the anchors that keep us within the Old Earth Matrix) then we require to gain balance as we move from one level to another.

Level is perhaps the wrong term but human language is containing, we are not moving in a linear fashion we are expanding beyond where we began. This expansion is now increasing and many of you at this time are feeling a sense of "something" but may be unable to define said "something". This is enough to unbalance the human physical vehicle if it is not accepted as part and parcel of the unfolding. That is we do not require crystal clear clarity as we make our movement because the understanding of said movement sits beyond the movement itself.

This is the main difference between phase one of the full evolution process and the second phase that we are now entering and it can be confusing. Many will still try to harness the tools and the ways of movement of phase one not understanding that the entire experience is changing and it has to. WE ARE being guided by Wider Creation in TRUTH who fully understand the bigger picture. We are within the human race that are a tiny, teeny part of the picture that is playing out and yet at human everyday waking life experience level it seems that we have the bigger part of said picture. We have but a corner of it in TRUTH.

As we now begin to harness the higher frequencies that we are gifted from Wider Creation in TRUTH then we will if we surrender fully to the process achieve a natural balance that will begin to reveal itself. Attempting to control or somehow oversee this balance is counter productive and part of that which we are moving FROM.

At this time we are asked to remain within our heart space and understand that the shelter that we seek is within us, that all that we require will be revealed to us and that we are on the cusp of the wave that brings us to the shore.




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