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Addendum in TRUTH

WE ARE never more found than when we believe that we are lost. The pathway that we have walked has shifted and changed considerably over the past linear few months and many believe that they are walking blindly thru an ever changing landscape but on deeper reflection will be able to see and understand the theme that has been underlying on said walk.

At this time we are asked to open the last remaining pages of this chapter in order that we can drink in the context of that which has played out. Often we think we have reached the end and make all sorts of assumptions, it is this precarious place of assumption that the Old Earth Matrix relies upon. After all if you have walked down the garden path and have reached the gate you have not finished your walk on the garden path until AFTER you have opened and walked thru the gate. At any point until this the garden path is still being walked and you have not COMPLETED the walk.

We are asked at this time to not only look at the gate but to open it and walk thru it. It is from this vantage point (beyond the gate) that we can se the walk down the garden path in the context of TRUTH. Whilst we are on said pathway we cannot place it in the correct context for we are within it.

This is an important distinction as many will now find as they take the last few steps in order to complete this phase of the journey. It is not how it appears before we walk thru the gate, in deed it looks like we have walked in circles but nothing is further from TRUTH.



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