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Adding Feathers for softness in TRUTH

When we work with angelic energies we often are surprised by the depth of LOVE in TRUTH that is accompanied by a softness like nothing else. In a world that seeks to have everyone harsh and closed off this is a refreshing change and can work to unlock that which is denied to us any other way.

Softness and compassion are two things sadly lacking in the outer waking reality at this time because in times of extreme "survival mode" the human logical mind perceives softness and compassion as dangerous. WE ARE asked at this time to have compassion and softness for ourselves and to understand that the work done is AIDED fully by HEAVEN in TRUTH. It is in the times of most compassion that we see what we cannot see by any other means.

As we now head more fully out into the clear water of beyond we are met by the strength of LOVE in TRUTH and we are at first buffeted, often we are so used to the harshness of the outer waking reality that anything different triggers a closing down and hardening up response. This PREVENTS the downloading and the activation of the HEAVEN in TRUTH frequencies and works against the process fully. We will therefore find ourselves opposed fully when this is triggered.

Standing firmly on the ROCK in TRUTH we are then shown the depth of healing that is now placed at our feet and we begin to understand that the harshest critic there can ever be in the human life experience is the SELF. A man made construct that is created from the ideas and perceptions of those around us that the old earth taught us to weaponize against ourselves.

It is time to take off that particular armor, to understand that the war that has raged inside of us is no more if we can allow the frequency of TRUTH to still the water long enough to see that the person opposing us is ourselves.


Karen x

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