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Adjusting to the frequency of the captain in TRUTH

As we begin to navigate on the sea of deceit we cannot do this alone, it is simply not possible for a human physical vehicle to find their way out of the Old Earth Matrix using their human logic and human eyes alone. The only frequency that has ever ventured beyond the Old Earth Matrix is that of Christ, it was Christ who went into "death" and it is Christ who calls to us across the sea of deceit which in TRUTH is the frequency of death that has been wrapped around our human physical vehicle. It is death that we run from believing that if we just keep busy, if we adhere to the protocols within the Old Earth Matrix that somehow we can keep death at bay. But we do not we walk with Death at all times for we are wrapped in death, we bring death to life thru our refusal to surrender to TRUTH.

This will see us give up on our dreams, on ourselves and our purpose believing that if we just keep all of those around us within the protocols of the Old Earth Matrix we are somehow safe. Death has been used as a tool by the Old Earth Matrix since its inception. It is used to bring humanity to its knees and it is used to control humanity in their choices and their belief systems. Death JUST IS it is a frequency that is TRUTH, however it has been corrupted fully within the Old Earth Matrix.

So how can Death be TRUTH if it causes so much heartache and distress? It is not DEATH itself that causes the heartache, it is the conditioning that we are pushed thru that creates this. Where we hold on believing that something has to continue we are wrapped in the frequency of corruption that uses Death as a smoke screen. Where we try to push our will for those around us believing that we somehow know better than them then we are using DEATH as a tool it was never created for. When we walk in fear of DEATH we cannot see DEATH in TRUTH.

For something to birth then DEATH has to be involved, even in being born we go thru DEATH because we end the growing phase inside of our own mother. If DEATH is not permitted to move the baby into birth then there is a corruption that is birthed and it uses stagnation to keep it alive. If we do not allow DEATH to remove the false frequency bandwidths around us then we are in rejection of TRUTH because in order for life to evolved DEATH has to cut the frequencies that hold us to the false constructs.

Christ went into DEATH, DEATH could not hold him because the place, the dimensional space that He entered was not TRUTH. He met with DEATH and because Christ is TRUTH Death permitted him to walk thru the false dimensional construct and beyond. DEATH the place is not TRUTH, DEATH the place has a hold over humanity that can only be broken thru our surrender IN CHRIST. When we are in TRUTH, when we have fully surrendered all that has enslaved us it is DEATH who stands with Christ and severs all the non TRUTH that holds us in the pain, the separation and the trauma. Death does not cause this, we do by holding on to the blasphemy that is the Old Earth Matrix.

The Old Earth Matrix knows this so has woven a huge lie around DEATH and used it as a weapon that it was never meant to be. WE see this in the outer waking world at this time, the false constructs that seek to have us in pain and suffering attempting to adhere to an illusion that tells humanity that they are responsible for the life force of those around them. This is blasphemy. We can only be responsible for ourselves and this will be highlighted to those who are currently being illuminated in order to walk thru the desert. It is in the desert the mirage is shown to us fully, it is in the desert that we drop all that we have been holding tightly in the false belief that somehow it belongs to us.

This is a pivotal time for the 144,000 for they have been wrapped in the human race thru a false frequency that has permitted them to understand what it means to be in human physical form. However this is but part of the journey and we cannot stop and remain in the desert. Just as Christ went into the desert, it is Lucifer himself who walks within the desert, causing various mirages to appear that seeks to tell us we are no longer in the desert.

WE are now being led out the desert and many have stopped at the oasis for too long. The oasis is now shimmering because it is not real, it is deep illusion and we have not been fed and watered but poisoned and this is being cleansed and cleared at this time by Wider Creation in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to surrender to the frequency of TRUTH, to go into our deep heart space and to surrender all that is non TRUTH. By doing this the mirage shimmers and releases and we see that we are not at our destination at all, simply distracted.

Wider Creation in TRUTH now call out across the sand, the dust and the heat and we are asked to answer their call. For TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.


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