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Adjusting to the LIGHT of TRUTH

We are conditioned to live in this human physical form within a set of unwritten rules and rote. This is laid down as our foundation blueprint through the first two years of our human life experience. How we view the world around us, how we interpret that which is out with us and how we interpret humanity in general is all anchored within this blueprint which runs unchallenged at an unconscious waking level through our human life experience.

As we have been given the opportunity to "awaken"from the old earth construct/matrix we have been placed in a process which challenges fully this blueprint. The process itself will see us remove that which has blinded us to the outer waking reality and allowed us to view in TRUTH the relationships and behaviors of not only ourselves but those around us.

As we move further into the next phase of the cleansing and clearing process we will be gifted insight into how to walk and live in this our human physical form in ways that are in alignment with wider creation in TRUTH.  This covers EVERY aspect of the human life experience and as we have been forbidden (prior to entering this process) to align with wider creation in TRUTH we become as little children once more.  We are gifted insight in order that we can make the necessary adjustments internally and therefore externally. As we unbind that which has prevented movement spiritually we experience a different and more fulfilling human life experience.

As we begin to alter our perception and move in different ways and avenues open up for us we learn new skills, we let go of the tools of the old earth construct/matrix for they are no longer of service, view this akin to driving a new vehicle, the old vehicle we have gotten used to driving, we drive it unconsciously but in this new vehicle we must learn where the windshield wipers are, where the controls for the heating or A/C are etc.  In other words we become more conscious of the human vehicle we are within, of its needs and requirements.

This new vehicle has a different fuel system, whilst the old vehicle ran on fear and separation this vehicle runs on the LOVE that IS so this vehicle can do things that the old one simply could not and this vehicle can be driven in ways that the old one could not.

It takes some linear time to practice the driving and the operation of the tools inside the vehicle but we are supported at each moment of each moment. What we must willingly give up and dissolve are the old movements, behaviors and beliefs because they are negated in this new vehicle.

As we learn now to adapt to the LIGHT of TRUTH and align more fully with wider creation in TRUTH we will be gifted deeper insight into our new life in TRUTH, why we are here, what we are here to live and to experience and the support that is available in this new alignment. Where before we may have struggled and become exhausted now we are given the support, comfort and gifting that is required in order to fulfill our human life purpose in this our human physical form within humanity at this time. We have no reference point for this because prior to entering the process we were simply adhering to the old earth matrix/construct re-incarnation cycles.  These provided a certain role and a certain level of human life experience that when it was attempted to be altered simply kept resetting itself as it is designed to do.

Now this type of movement is negated, there is no resetting and the human life experience itself now expands often quite dramatically. We do not repeat the same behavior patterns, we do not repeat the same relationship patterns and we go from driving round in circles to driving on wide open road with a destination already pre programmed into the navigation system of said vehicle. This destination is TRUTH and the vehicle itself will begin to recalculate should a wrong turn or a stop be made so that we can be confident that as we drive we are on the correct road. From this all else flows for TRUTH JUST IS and is continually expanding and expanding unlike the old earth construct/matrix which recycles and never expands.

At this time we are asked to now prepare for vast movement, to take off the L plates as it were as we are gifted the authority and sovereignty that gives us access to the route forbidden by the old earth construct itself.  This journey is always forward, always expansion and never revisits where we have come from, for as we now drive out of the old earth construct/matrix it simply dissolves behind us. We are asked to look out the windshield and ignore the rear view mirror for what is behind us cannot touch us, it simply dissolves as we focus on that which is before us. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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