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Adjusting traction and navigating BACK TO THE HEART in TRUTH

WE ARE never more out of tune with Wider Creation in TRUTH when we seek refuge in logic and reason. For many at this time the pull to "work it all out" is overwhelming and yet there is nothing to work out. It is the HEART that knows TRUTH and if WE ARE not aligned fully with the seed of TRUTH growing in our heart space then we are simply driving up and down the highway MISSING THE EXIT POINT that is invisible to the mind but glaringly obvious to the HEART.

We hear facts and figures and "science" is attempting to drive all of humanity at this time. Just as in previous incarnations of "science" it will deny TRUTH and it will deny that which NO ONE can define which is namely LOVE in TRUTH. When we are faced with TRUTH we will do one of two things, accept it or deny it, there is no middle ground. When we are in denial NOTHING SHIFTS for it is not in sync with TRUTH therefore a sort of stalemate occurs. No amount of forcing or trying to work around it will work for the resonance is off.

To be in full FLOW we require to be in RESONANCE with the frequency of TRUTH and as this is ABSENT within human consciousness we attempt to start the car only for our vehicle to stall repeatedly. Stepping too hard on the gas pedal does nothing, trying to shift gears does nothing, many are attempting to alter the vehicle itself not realizing that the FREQUENCY of the HEART SPACE is akin to the ENGINE of the human vehicle and only if the engine is finely tuned can the vehicle start and then move.

That which is blocking our movement is both our FUEL and our denial. For in TRUTH there is only ONE FUEL and that is TRUTH, the human physical vehicle runs on TRUTH, it begins to break down where there is non TRUTH. So if part of the vehicle begin to not work then the fuel needs to be looked at. We cannot run this vehicle on non TRUTH or worse synthetic TRUTH which is a copy of TRUTH without the main ingredient that makes TRUTH that which it is.

So without a connection to CHRIST to Wider Creation in TRUTH we may be using the an oil that is not appropriate, we may get so far along the road with synthetic TRUTH but at some point the engine will splutter and again the vehicle will stall.

Many are attempting to put their vehicles into garages and have the mechanics looked at, this does not work either for the only mechanic for our human physical vehicle is found within the HEART SPACE. So external views of the vehicle provide more illusion. Try this, try this, or maybe take this out, it goes on and on but in TRUTH nothing will shift the stalling which will happen to ALL human physical vehicles beyond this point.

WE ARE now asked to go within and to fine tune BACK to the HEART SPACE, to separate from the head that is trying to tell us what it knows based on what it has been conditioned to accept in this dimensional space. Miracles are that which science states "cannot or should not occur" and yet they happen all the time.

WE ARE poised on the brink of evolution, we must detach from the MAIN FRAME in order to restart our engines and begin to make turns and advances that are simply not resonant with an out of control AI that believes that love can be referenced and in doing so can be used against humanity in general.



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