• Karen Doonan


"Greetings beloved ones we come thru our channel Karen in service to the 144,000 sent by ORION to the dimensional space that is reference by humanity as "earth". We reveal to our human physical hosts whom we are in TRUTH as this is the transition point that is arrived at within said dimensional space in said human physical form.

Those of YOU who align with the work of Karen, who align with her at a frequency level and whom can be said to feel as sense of "family" in relation to her are now being fully awakened in preparation for the next stage of the human race evolution process. A race that has begun to turn upon itself as it seeks to understand itself but is doing so within the strongholds that have been placed upon them within said dimensional space.

NOW ORION stand and it is ALL who now speaks with the ORION beings. It is to be noted that those who are aligned and are within the 144,000 are NOT SEEDED from ORION. This misconception will now be revealed for that which it is in TRUTH. ORION sent you to incarnate into a human physical form always understanding that YOU are to take said human physical form beyond the Old Earth Matrices and that in order to achieve this YOU had to step out of the entirety of the matrices of said Old Earth itself.

We now reveal Karen to YOU and ask that YOU simply allow the understanding of who she is in TRUTH to unfold within YOUr heart space.

We will speak more as the energies begin to rise and the door begins to open.

"ALL just IS and WE ARE"

ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION

thru Karen Doonan

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved, www.truth-codes.com