• Karen Doonan

ALL SPEAKS 4th March 2020

Greetings beloved ones, ALL now speaks to the 144.000 who now prepare in this their human physical forms to re-align with ALL thru the deep heart space and in doing so begin PHASE TWO of the human evolution process.

We would like to introduce the Skull Collective and their assistance to the 144.000 and how to interact at levels that are beyond that which is permitted within the Old Earth Matrix. OUR channel will shortly be updating various information via the TRUTH-Codes main website in relation to the levels of understanding that can now be accessed via the Skull Collective for the 144.000.

We ask for clarity that you refrain from attempting to access the BACE Camp space without first of all aligning fully with the Skull Collective as the space is protected by ALL and as such is not a space that will be entered by those who are not of the 144.000. Reasons for this will become more clear as those who are called to the space enter in TRUTH.

We welcome ALL of YOU at this time and ask that you now begin to align thru the deep heart space. The outer waking reality will begin to fade and to break down for most of humanity at this time there is no servitude in "space holding" for them at this time. This would only delay the process that they are going to move into and interfere with Wider Creation in TRUTH master plans.

ALL that is not TRUTH will now be physically removed from your everyday waking human life experience and the human logical mind will at times be triggered hugely. It is this triggering that is KEY to the next phase and will enable vast movement thru the understanding gained thru the experience.


ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION thru Karen Doonan

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