• Karen Doonan

ALL SPEAKS - message for 5th February 2020

"Greetings beloved ones we are here to guide and to support as you now begin to birth the understanding that all is not it appears in the outer waking realm thru your deep heart space. We are here in support of this process and ask our channel to share our words in order to facilitate the alignment now of the 144,000 within humanity who are now beginning to remember.

As the memories now come flooding thru the heart space the human logical mind will go into overdrive attempting to re-route and at times re-direct said memories to a part of the human logical mind which remains hidden, that of the unconscious mind. This will manifest as a vivid dream landscape and many times upon waking the outer waking reality will seem almost like a mirage which it is in TRUTH.

To work thru this you required to surrender the human logical mind to our Creator thru Christ within the deep heart space. For many of you the fear that this statement alone brings up is all that you require to begin to work with. WE talk of the Creator OF ALL, not the reference point that humanity assume and in doing so we place TRUTH at the feet of ALL within this their human physical form.

The limits that have seen you remain tightly fenced in by the emotional residue that becomes like a moat around a castle are being removed and as they are removed you must now begin to physically experience that which the human logical mind maintains does not exist. It is physical experience of movement that now reveals the path beneath your feet and as it does so great leaps are now made.

ALL just IS and WE ARE

The BLUE Skull of ORION thru Karen Doonan

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