• Karen Doonan

ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION message for 8th Feb 2020

Greetings beloved ones, WE come to guide and to support as the human life experience now begins to expand beyond the confines of that which has sought to hold YOU in place. We talk of the Old Earth Matrix and the matrices that are now collapsing and thru which YOU can now begin to view beyond in TRUTH.

View these as placeholders that sought to restrict YOUr view and in doing so presented a blank space where there was not one. The human logical mind will not accept much of that which WE now illuminate however moving fully into YOUr heart space will see understanding begin to birth within YOU.

As WE now begin to make headway and to illuminate the steps forward that are now required to be maneuvered within the physical plane WE stand to aid and to support as now many of YOU are attempting to walk beyond all family patterning and family "unwritten rules" of living. This will see a reversal of that which has sought to remain and derail YOU in this your human physical form.

For many of YOU at this time the blockades are now fully being illuminated but they are not illuminated to bring YOU further frustration nor anxiety, they are being illuminated in order that YOU can now SEE the walk that YOU are taking and more importantly can now begin to make out the ARRIVAL POINT of said walk in TRUTH.

We stand with YOU now as you begin to make headway and as YOU do so the journey will become more and more steady as YOU lose the crowds that have sought to call YOU out on something that they simply do not see let alone understand. The branching off begins now in TRUTH and YOU are fully supported en route and beyond.

ALL just IS and WE ARE

ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION thru Karen Doonan

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