• Karen Doonan

ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION speaks 9th Feb 2020

Greetings beloved ones we come to guide on the outpouring of the grief frequency in relation to the Old Earth Matrix. This will now be revealed to the 144,000 in TRUTH in order that said grief frequencies can be navigated in TRUTH. It is not TRUTH to allow the conditioning in respect of grief and dying to remain for the conditioning prevents understanding in relation to CONTEXT be reached. CONTEXT is vital in order that understanding is birthed thru the heart space in TRUTH.

We guide for YOU at this time to go within and to sit within the deep heart space in order to understand that which is holding something in place for YOU. This is the anchor that many have attempted to address at a human physical waking level and which remains hidden at said level. In order to address anchors they must always be addressed thru the heart space first and foremost.

That which has bound YOU to the patterns in relation to your human family will now be addressed for YOU cannot make movement whilst bound by an anchor that would simply have YOU get so far then hold YOU in place. Do YOU understand our guidance at this time?


ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION thru Karen Doonan

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