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WE ARE asked to allow all to unfold and to understand that WE ARE part of a greater WHOLE. It is very easy in this our human physical form to accept the illusion of separation which is ever present in this dimensional space. WE ARE not separate, WE ARE now given full and very physical validation of this COHESION in this our human physical form.

At this time HEAVEN in TRUTH is preparing for the physical evolution that brings humanity thru the portal and beyond the darkness. This is not a one time event, this was put in motion aeons ago and it is us in this our human physical form who is now realizing this by experiencing it in the human physical vehicle which is SLOW to remember in TRUTH.

We must remember that our SPIRIT in TRUTH works at LIGHT speed because it is is LIGHT. This human physical form is very very dense, indeed the more that we have remained in situ and fallen to the false teachings of this race the heavier our experience has become. Many are now understanding the depth of the lie that was sold to this race. It is one thing to understand the lie, another to stand up from within it and SHED THE OLD.

This shedding is what is occurring at this moment and many are allowing themselves to go back into the old patterns. This will be opposed because we are not here to go around in circles, the false teaching or karma is a deep one, we are not here to experience how many different ways a human can be annihilated. WE ARE here to bring TRUTH and to LIVE in TRUTH. This will see all karmic timelines deleted. The parts of our SOUL which are trapped in the various timelines need to be removed because they are in effect holding open the false doorways.

WE do not allow the shards of the old to cut us to ribbons for we are not ribbon. WE ARE LIGHT in TRUTH.

As the doors now close the dimensional space will collapse, all that remains in TRUTH IS TRUTH. WE must therefore stand firmly IN TRUTH as this occurs. We are asked to let go for in the letting go is the RECEIVING.



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