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Allowing the FIRE to burn within the HEART space in TRUTH

We exist or have been born into a dimensional space that seeks to have us view thru our human eyes and use our human logical mind to navigate said space. When faced with the option of "heart" or "mind" the default position for ALL OF HUMANITY is the mind. The mind is such a huge control that it can present a scenario then persuade us that the scenario comes from our heart. What the mind is doing is creating a picture that has NO DEPTH. The difference between heart centered action and mind centered action is the depth of connection to TRUTH. Often when working deep within the heart space and upon reaching understanding there is a depth of awe that is simply not reached thru any action that is taken thru the mind.

The mind is in deep denial in the opening of phase two of our ascension to full evolution process and often when we have something highlighted to us we will deny it. So strong is this denial that many of you at this time may be sitting looking at a picture that is refusing to budge because it is not what you believe that it is. YOUR SPIRIT in TRUTH is holding the picture because as it is not TRUTH it cannot be moved thru and reached beyond. This is the part of the process that can only ever be navigated thru the deep heart space. The human logical mind will try to persuade you that you have dealt with it but if the picture still remains you have not dealt with it from the heart level and are still within the human logical mind.

To assist you in this process please listen to the following podcast that deals with this and how to work more effectively with it:

If you require one to one personal support with this please visit the Releasing Eden website and feel free to contact me directly if the support "option" is not presented to you that you feel you need.



(c) Karen Doonan

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