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We are now moving into a full TRANSITION period and as this now moves more fully into position the outer waking life experience will begin to shift and to expand. The book of Revelation, in particular the defeat of the dark forces has long be the subject of various levels of debate and interpretation within humanity.

The various dimensional levels that make up the Old Earth Matrix are now emptying on to the physical plane on which humanity experience their human everyday life experience. As this emptying continues then the outer waking "reality" will begin to resemble a movie set. Already there is a huge divide between those who are termed "asleep" and those who can see thru the veils.

We are foretold therefore we are expected. The influx of the Archangelic forces into the physical everyday waking life experience of humanity will see various ripples go out across said race. The ability of the dark forces to continue to hide is now negated and as it we must be prepared for some stomach churning unveiling. It is necessary for in order to cleanse and clear a race that has been held in a silent hell forever the wound has to be cleaned and this is what is currently occurring.

The anchoring of Archangelic forces has a direct impact on the 144,000 and those who are here to aid in the evacuation of humanity from the Old Earth Matrix itself. Those who are currently experiencing vast transition are part of the main extraction team and they will have their ORIGIN validated for them as they now fully awaken to their Creation Purpose in TRUTH.

We are not alone, we have never been alone. The veils that have hidden TRUTH from a race that has been fed upon, battered, tortured and kept in horrendous blasphemy are now removed. Many within humanity will DEPART from the human physical vehicle, their ability to accept that which is revealed is not at the levels agreed and therefore it is by GRACE they are freed from the human physical plane at this time.

We are at this time in transition and the life experience that we have lived in this our human physical form in order to understand the human race will now alter. As it does new revelations will be remembered and the gap between our humanity and our Creation PURPOSE in TRUTH Will now close as we become ONE in TRUTH.

For further support and additional guidance please listen to the TRUTH codes BRIDGE podcasts available on major streaming platforms.



(c) Karen Doonan

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