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ANCHORING TRUTH in the storm of FEAR

We are now at a place in the ascension to full evolution process that is akin to the "goats and the sheep" of the Old Testament. It is challenging to describe the scenario without using a biblical overtone due to the strength of pull that said biblical overtone has at this time. The construct of religion is about to go into overdrive and the out pouring of vitriol, hatred, judgement and anger will be seen very physically by humanity globally.

We are now being prepared to enter phase two and as Wider Creation in TRUTH has a foundation of LOVE in TRUTH this is not possible for those who are using fear as the very foundation of their human life experience. They are now becoming more visible, those who have been held in check by the Old Earth Matrix but who have become "influencers" of humanity itself. A few well placed "fear planters" within a dimensional space will see a field planted in no time and this is exactly what is occurring at this time.

For those who are now preparing to enter phase two the ability to move between DIMENSIONAL SPACES is opening up. We are no longer only able to walk the physical and have to detach the physical to enter the spiritual, we will be able to walk inter-dimensionally at all moments of all moments whilst doing everyday waking life experience things. We will no longer have to "take time to meditate", working to release the bondage, using the keys and accessing information whilst holding a normal conversation will become the experience of the 144000.

For others the doors will remain closed due to the rebellion that many have taken part within and refuse to surrender. SPIRITUALITY IS NOT A LIFE STYLE it is a dimensional layer that was opened in order to jump start a process. Many have taken root within said spiritual dimensional space and have sought to block the passage of many who are there simply to pass thru. It is this rebellion that will be quelled first and foremost and which has already begun.

For more information on the access points and the directions required in order to match frequency to PHASE TWO please listen to the latest podcast:

We are asked to have love and compassion but to refrain from interaction with the fear that will now FLOOD THRU HUMANITY cleansing as it does and preparing for PHASE TWO which is EVOLUTION in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan

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