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The Old Earth Matrix is a dimensional space that seeks to validate itself continually. There are many traps within the Old Earth Matrix as it has sought to set itself up as a '"pleasure dome". Many will attempt to defend said "pleasure dome" because they have a vested interest in it. It can be said that we ourselves have "bought" into this illusion at various levels and it can be very tricky to attempt to dissolve the tendrils that seek to come back after we have cut them down. It must be stated that taking out a root sees all dissolve however the "pleasure dome" has sought to have us buy shares in it, when we have active shares in a section of the "pleasure dome" then we are not permitted to remove the root until we have dealt with the false transactions that have permitted the game playing to continue.

To our human logical mind this will seem overwhelming, many within the Old Earth Matrix are on overload, attempting to wrap their mind round something in an attempt to somehow decode it and make sense of it. What is not seen by humanity is the madness that is madness for madness sake. To condition a race to make "sense" of their reality as a foundation in order to live is cruel when said race are then bombarded with madness that deliberately makes no sense. The current attack on the human logical mind is DELIBERATE warfare and designed to short circuit the human physical vehicle in order that compliance is achieved.

So how do we walk thru a landscape that is apocalyptic in its design? We can only do so when we are IN Christ which is to step INTO TRUTH. TRUTH is a frequency, it is a barrier between the apocalyptic frequency of the Old Earth Matrix and our SPIRIT in TRUTH. Let us use an example, say we were in space and we required to leave the ship that we were on which had life support. We would require to put on suit to protect ourselves from that which lies between our human physical vehicle and the space ship. Yet many simply walk out into a dimensional space wearing no protection at all.

If our SPIRIT in TRUTH is TRUTH then why would we need to protect it? such questions of course play to the human logical mind and it will run with them. We often require protection from ourselves as we go thru a clearing process because we are SPIRIT in TRUTH that is anchoring within the human physical vehicle that is required for ALL to walk in the dimensional space referenced as "earth". The war that is playing out is for said human physical vehicle. Every entity that is entangled in the war that rages around humanity requires to take a human physical vehicle because the end of times is to be played out physically. Therefore the war that we are entangled within often is the war that the Old Earth Matrix wages upon our SPIRIT in TRUTH THRU THE HUMAN PHYSICAL VEHICLE ITSELF.

For those of you who are experiencing these attacks you will feel your human physical vehicle under attack, you will feel the defense of the Old Earth Matrix thru your human physical vehicle because the Old Earth Matrix knows everything has to be played out on the physical plane that humanity exist upon. This is why it is VITAL that we no longer hide on the spiritual plane and take up full residency within our human physical vehicle, it is our home, we cannot access the physical human plane without a human physical vehicle. So the Old Earth Matrix will begin to use the LINEAGE of the human family timelines thru which to attack you. It seeks to break down the human physical vehicle in order that our SPIRIT in TRUTH is locked out.

TRUTH is the barrier that we erect internally to protect our SPIRIT in TRUTH as it seeks and finds the armory of the Old Earth Matrix and DEFEATS AND DESTROYS IT. Make no mistake this is warfare but it is played out INTERNALLY. If you are experiencing symptoms and manifestations that defy logic and which do not clear then there is an armory that is attacking you thru the ancestral lineage of your human physical vehicle. Our human physical vehicle is not "new", a baby is the product of its parents who are the product of their parents etc all the way back thru the ancestral lineage. It is thru our DNA/RNA matrices that this war is being fought. We require to take out the armory in order that we can win the battles and anchor more and more deeply and fully into our human physical vehicle.

For further guidance, support and information please visit the main ORION PORTAL website. Personal Transmissions and Conversations can be booked thru the website.



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