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Angelic Communications

For many these times are times of deep worry and anxiety, an ever increasingly challenging outer waking reality can bring a sense of unbalance and stress. As one who can communicate directly (thru Christ) to the Archangel realm I have been asked by said realm to open their communication to more and more people.

To this end I have removed the payment barrier to this service. If you require some guidance, some support or are just interested in which Archangel wishes to communicate with you to hear their messages then please visit the main TRUTH Codes website or CLICK HERE.

Messages are sent via email so please make sure that the email address you use in the original order is the one you wish the communication to be sent to. The default offering "price" is set to $10 but this can be changed by clicking on the left hand side of the page that appears once you hit ORDER HERE.


Karen x

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