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Angelic Resonance in TRUTH

We are born into a construct that seeks to reference and continually condition us in this our human physical form to accept that which is not TRUTH.  A lie can be 99% truth but it is the 1% that makes it a lie.  This is denied by many within humanity who not only focus on the 99% but who defend the 1% and attempt to bend it to their knowledge.  Knowledge is not power it is entrapment and darkness knows this.

For those who are now entering phase two of what is often termed the ascension process this is a phase in which we are stripped of ALL lies and we are then presented with TRUTH in its raw format. Its raw format is ENERGY and this is often misinterpreted by those who have walked through phase one of the ascension process. Darkness has always attempted to thwart prophecy and many have tried to separate prophecy into different categories, this is the manifestation of the polarization of the logical mind and is not TRUTH. ALL JUST IS.

When we work with raw energy we require to understand that which will manifest as we begin to work at new levels and in new dimensional aspects. Remember we have been contained within this our human physical form and we have had to walk past the challenges of the human logical mind and humanity itself which is trapped at many levels in logic and reason . ENERGY JUST IS it is how it is implemented that alters that which is manifest. There is NO POLARIZATION in TRUTH this is the manifestation of a construct that sought to harness and SPLIT energy.  As this is not TRUTH it results in fragmentation.

To cover up this fragmentation humanity were conditioned to play the human logical mind which in its polarization DOES NOT SEE THE FRAGMENTATION, it becomes a hidden window through which we view the outer waking reality. This has affected the male human physical form to a greater extent and this is deliberate. It is the human male who can categorize and separate much more easily than the female and this has blinded him in his walk out of darkness and back to TRUTH.

The female form has many different restrictions, one of the most intense being the emotional debris from which the human female has been conditioned to vent her frustration and anger. The walk out of darkness does not involve harnessing ANY emotions, rather the walk involves draining the entire swimming pool and allowing TRUTH to be revealed through the resulting silence.

As we now in this human physical from begin to work to new levels of purpose and we begin to understand the entrapment that we have endured within said form we will now be given further support and experience in order to navigate and to build a firm foundation on which to walk. It is not that the foundation has to be created, it has always existed but much like someone who has only ever sat still in one place (the stasis of humanity- please see website) the standing and beginning to place one foot in front of the other combined with the different vantage point takes some practice.  (sitting involves one view, standing another).

We are given the support of the entire ANGELIC realm in service to our Creator YHWY for this phase of our journey and we are asked to open our hearts fully in order that our heart space can begin to remember. This is not about walking into something that is alien to us, for we were not always in this human physical form. ALL ARE SPIRIT and SPIRIT has no physical form until it is hosted in one.  This TRUTH is denied by many who remain separate in their delusion that unless something can be seen and touched it does not exist.

We are moving into a higher frequency that will not end, it will only increase, for those who are working to the old frequency bandwidths, this will begin to dry up as it were for it is dissolved as the higher dimensional frequencies now take their place in TRUTH and as WE NOW TAKE OUR PLACE IN TRUTH.

For those who follow prophecy this is the completion of Revelation 21:1 (KJV):

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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