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Angels are everywhere...

WE ARE asked to let go of the veil that WE ARE holding across our eyes in order to see and to begin to understand that which we see. How do we do this? we simply surrender our VIEW to the Angelic Realms thru Christ. For many people this may seem ludicrously simple but TRUTH usually is. The more complex something is presented the more layers and the more often there is a non TRUTH slipped in. Its why the old earth likes to present puzzles, for within the puzzle is a slight of hand which leads us away from the actual original search and before we know it we are up to our ears in white rabbits and fully on our way to wonderland!

Simplicity is key and this is what is asked of us at this time. In our own personal environment WE ARE asked to keep it simple. Clutter, begin to sift thru this and to begin to empty out that which is preventing the new higher energies coming in. Holding on to things "just in case" then throw out, this is the logical mind trying to validate the ownership of something and in doing so will have us simply idling waiting for some magical green light to come on that never will.

In our own lives WE ARE asked to begin to hone our energies, pulling our often fragmented energies back home to our own selves. This is NOT a selfish thing to do, if we are fragmented and exhausted how on earth can we even begin to live our life experience? the answer is of course with huge difficulty. For many people running themselves ragged for others is part and parcel of the human life experience and this is the one thing that is asked of by the Angels that we stop. The well cannot nourish if it is almost dry.

WE ARE asked at this time to continue to deepen our connection to the Archangels and Heaven in TRUTH and this requires our full focus. So bringing our energies back to CENTER which is always our deep heart space, we are filling ourselves back up, then we are surrendering IN Christ to Heaven, this allows for a deep cleansing and a re direction in TRUTH, for how can we understand our life path or our life message if we are not first and foremost in balance? the answer of course is that its not possible.

It is from this CENTERED position that we then will begin to lift the veils fully from within and begin to see a picture that was simply obscured by the fragmentation that we have been manipulated into permitting.



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