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As prophecy now begins to align fully within the dimensional space referenced as "earth" Creator now illuminates the SERAPHIM. These angelic beings are talked about repeatedly in prophecy and have a very distinct role to play within the END of TIMES. These angels sit at a level of CREATION in TRUTH that is fully denied by humanity and which the Old Earth Matrix has sought to keep close hold upon. SERAPHIM have the ability to move that which humanity are conditioned to believe is solid and static.

These angelic beings are now POURING into the dimensional space referenced as "earth" in order that all that has been kept static can now begin to MOVE in TRUTH. This movement is out with the reference points that humanity have for the human life experience and many within humanity will now find the coming linear few years to be difficult to comprehend. Indeed many will choose to exit the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and HEAVEN in TRUTH welcomes them.

It is non TRUTH to assume and at this time WE ARE asked to communicate with the SERAPHIM when we are called to. The SERAPHIM already know why WE ARE here and they are here to aid us in the movement that has been denied and often ridiculed by those who are here to restrain the human life experience for humanity.

HEAVEN in TRUTH now opens its gates wider, WE ARE now preparing for the next phase of this the evolution of a species that we have incarnated into at a physical level. ALL plays out on the physical plane on which humanity are kept bound to and we must understand this. ANGELIC BEINGS therefore have to be able to reach and interact on the physical plane of human existence. Be prepared for some very strange interpretations of the human life experience. The human logical mind will revolt to new levels and WE ARE guided to seek shelter deep within our heart space.



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