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Anger is the weapon in TRUTH that denies TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are conditioned heavily in relation to our emotional responses to those around us.  Anger is an emotion which has been weaponized and is used  to manipulate the reactions of not only ourselves but those who we interact with.  Anger is the most destructive of all human emotions, it is the root of disease, of trauma and is the root of the self destructive behavior of addiction.  Where we find addiction we find deep seated anger and yet anger is not accepted as a human emotion.

Take for example when we experience the death of a loved one, it is normal part of the grieving process to experience anger and yet this remains hidden to many.  We may  feel intense anger at the person who has died and yet this makes no logical sense and our human logical mind moves into denial. It may seek to push us further into feeling shame and guilt that we feel angry towards the person who has passed. After all it is not their fault that they died and yet there it sits the anger that if not addressed will begin to dig deeper and deeper roots and color our vision to the point that we become blind.

Having lost both of my parents, my father when I was almost 14 yrs old and my mother in my mid thirties I can testify to the anger.  I once attended a support group for the bereaved children of those who had died, my son was only 4 years old at the time and it was suggested that he attend one of these groups to help him adjust to losing my mother.  It was at one of these groups that I got talking to a mother who was dealing with the death of her spouse and was trying to understand her teenage daughter.   I expressed to her how I had felt at her daughters age on losing my father and she began to see the anger that her daughter was too afraid to show her.  It was an enlightening discussion where we expressed to each other how difficult it was dealing with anger, how it is generally assumed that we do not feel anger and that in doing this we remain in denial.

If we turn the anger inwards then we begin to absorb a responsibility for something that is not ours to take. We may feel that we have somehow failed the person that we love and that somehow we should have done more but death is something that is out with our control.  It is probably the one thing that makes us more vulnerable than anything else we experience in this our human physical form.  We can have all the technology in the world but still death evades our control and it should remain so. The human life experience would cease to have meaning if we were aware of how long we had in this form.  We must live life each day and allow the experience of life to happen, it is when we attempt to control our own responses to it that we begin to get clogged up and it is when we are clogged up with denied emotion that darkness begins to lead us in directions that we simply cannot see.

We are conditioned to fear death and yet we are in this human physical form for a set time, we are not eternal in the physical but we are eternal in the spiritual.  It is therefore important that we continue to experience fully this human life experience and move fully through the grief process.  The process itself is not relegated just to physical human death, we can feel grief in relation to losing a job, a spouse, an opportunity, the list is endless. What is damaging to us is our denial of how we feel when we go thru the experience. Anger must be accepted as part of the human life experience and worked thru fully. It has different stages to it and forgiveness is the completion of the process.

For many anger has become so intense that they are on the verge of becoming numb, it is when we reach the edge of numbness that we do and accept things that we would simply not allow if we were not in such emotional distress.

The rise in the use of technology is allowing a numbness to take root within humanity that hides the emotional distress of humanity.  Trapped in a never ending cycle of birth, life, death and never being able to reach rebirth due to the holding of anger in the death stage.  As we go thru the expansion in TRUTH process we will move into death, death of the old us, the old belief systems, death of all that is not TRUTH and we may experience emotions that we have not registered before. These emotions have been held at a deep root level within us and are revealed to us in order that we can release them.

We can only ever move beyond death of the old and into rebirth fully when we have released the bondage that we have allowed to be wrapped around us but which is rooted within us. View it like ivy that grows around a house, the roots are within but the ivy will surround the house and the house will suffocate, if not taken down the ivy will begin to affect the brickwork and break it.  This is how anger works to keep us trapped and prevent our movement.

It may feel like a massive mountain to climb surrendering our internal anger but if we do not then we will be held in place. Forgiveness in TRUTH is not simply saying "ok I forgive you" but then holding on to the memory "lest we forget", it is handing it over fully in full surrender IN Christ, understanding that the person who is being destroyed is US. We cannot be reborn when we have residual anger.  Being reborn is a process that sees us begin with a new foundation. When we lay the old self to rest it serves no purpose to dig that old self up over and over to make sure they are dead.  When we die to the old life we die period.  It is our emotional response to said death that will see us either moved fully into rebirth of standing out our own graveside unable to move.

At this time we are asked to go within, to ACCEPT that we have these emotions and in the acceptance is our freedom. We cannot surrender something we deny and darkness knows this fully. Indeed at this time many within the expansion in TRUTH process may be surrounded by those who reflect their own denied emotions.  This may feel like suffocating and as it is totally illogical and has no obvious root it is vital that we sit IN Christ and have the roots revealed to us. From this release we move fully into rebirth in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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