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Apocrypha, Revelation and the END of the "end times" in TRUTH

As we have gone thru transformation after transformation we have at times been put in a position where we query and question the BASE belief systems that we have been conditioned to accept/reject. All belief is a mask that is worn to hide TRUTH. It matters not what the belief is, the mask has to be removed so that TRUTH is revealed and in doing so the process of downloading and working with TRUTH is born.

There is no subject more contentious than that of religion. It has been said many times over the centuries that if we got rid of "religion" in general we could have world peace. Religion is a base belief system of humanity therefore it is an operating system. Even those who state they are agnostic are aware of the various teachings of religion that exist. So unless you were born into a remote part of the world with NO connection to the rest of the world, religion will have brushed past you and left its impression.

As we now expand our frequency and move to higher frequencies we will move out of the frequency bandwidths of "belief" and begin to work beyond them. This means that internally we are removing the walls that prevent us from expansion. Belief is not just around religion (that is the most prevalent belief) it can be any belief. All belief is containing. We cannot therefore expand if we are contained.

In order to gain an understanding we are presented first of all with TRUTH, we often then reject it, so it is presented again. Then the walls of belief that prevent us from even looking at TRUTH are highlighted to us, we then do the internal work to take down the walls and we find ourselves in an open field, one that we have never even seen before let alone stood in.

At this time we are approaching the END of the "end of days". This is a frequency that many deny, whilst many in humanity now accept that something "weird" is going on with the world the denial of it being anything other than more "weird" is gathering momentum. Everything ends in order to rebirth and the outer waking world is no exception. Just because we cannot reach the view of what it looks like does not mean it will not happen or even that it exists for we are not creating so much as we are removing all that keeps us from that which ALREADY EXISTS but is denied to humanity due to frequency and vibration.

In plain terms the world is about to get a fresh new look, an upgrade. Now who is ready to format the hard drive, clear the operating system and install from NEW?



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