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Apple of your eye, how the apple distorts reality in TRUTH

Human language is used repeatedly to disguise that which is experienced thru this our human physical form.  Take for example the phrase "EYE of the storm",  using one version of the word "eye" gives one interpretation but change it to the "I" of the storm and its context shifts.   We often use phrases that are stated in an opportunity to unlock that which is held to ransom by the human logical mind.  I remember walking down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow many, many years ago with some of my friends on a night out.  A huge banner across the width of the street was advertising a "giant CD & record fair".  I looked at the banner and said "wow I wonder how much bigger they are than regular ones".  It took my friends a few moments to understand what I meant but my logical mind had immediately connected the words to a different meaning.  Of course they were not gigantic cd's or records, they were regular size. But it shows how we can assume the interpretation of language and then we run with it.

It was after I had spent a number of years in the USA that I came to realize the effect of language on the everyday waking life experience. The language that is spoken between nationalities is not shared, there are major differences.  Having lived in various places over my life time so far I have had to adjust to "local" language and often there have been hilarious interactions in the process.  I have found that since I have widened the language aspect that I have to focus on language at times where before I would have interpreted it in a base line context.  Now that is not an option and often times I have struggled with the simplest EVERYDAY context that is used.  At some level I have been jumped out of the assumed context. It allows the viewing of that which tries to remain hidden.

Now take this wider and place over the lens of the eyes of our human logical mind that of experience.  That which is taken as "normal" does not remain the same over countries, culture or even gender.  Why do men and woman have such a hard time communicating? because they are brought up using different contextual base lines.  The interpretation of human language is not the same in both genders.  There is of course further conditioning at a wider societal level in relation to what is ACCEPTED by the culture that they are born into.  This has wide ranging effects on how they interact with those around them.  In a very personal example, I have found that now experiencing Scottish culture I can see the aggression that I simply could not see before. I see the very forceful nature of the culture. How could I not "see" this before?  It is very challenging to "see" that which we are within.  It is akin to the frog in a hot pan scenario.  If the frog is placed in the hot pan immediately then it will jump up of said pan because it will feel the heat. However place the frog in a cold pan of water and turn up the heat gently then it does not notice the pan is getting hotter.  This applies to all of humanity in all areas of the human life experience.

That which we are conditioned to "see" is that which we use for CONTEXT and it is CONTEXT that shifts the veil.  When we view things out of context then we are walking in the dark.  We then use the ability of the human logical mind to assume and instantly we are no longer using a true compass. We are assuming that a tree is a tree and not a signpost, we are assuming that we should make a change when there is no change needed. In short we are led on a merry dance and it is why we cannot rely on our human logical mind nor our human eyes solely.   (yes you can read solely as "soul"ly).

We are mix of many different aspects and the frequency that we carry at a soul level is not seen. It DOES AFFECT the human physical vehicle, if left unchecked it will dominate the human physical vehicle and work against it. The frequency of our SPIRIT is TRUTH, the frequency of our soul is always fractured, like a blunt knife it works to separate, to traumatize and to divide, because that is its purpose. It uses the human physical vehicle to reach the physical plane and it works to blind the human physical vehicle using language, context and false reference points.

We may not understand why we have an irrational fear of water but the soul does.  It remembers far beyond this current physical form and therein lies the distortion.  It works with the APPLE because the soul is born from the ADAM creation which is not TRUTH.  Language JUST IS, it is our emotional connection to it that brings it to life, in order to bring something to life that blinds there has to be a spin placed on it, so the soul works to change the context in order that it can hide its own agenda.  The soul agenda is not in alignment with wider Creation in TRUTH because separation is not part of wider Creation in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to interpret very carefully that which we are being shown and that which is being revealed to us. If we are unsure we are asked to sit still and allow that which is hiding to come to us because darkness always will reveal itself. It is once we have grasped context that all can and will change and that which has remained elusive is suddenly standing in front of us. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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