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Approaching HEAVEN's Gate in TRUTH

With all wounding that occurs within the human life experience we begin to live around the wound. This prevents the deep healing that HEAVEN is now offering. It is non TRUTH to live wounded no matter what the Old Earth Matrix conditions humanity to believe. No movement can be made if all are in sacrifice and the time to end the sacrifice that has held us in deep illusion is NOW.

HEAVEN in TRUTH is phase 3 of the full ascension to evolution process and one that many will simply not entertain. Fed a continual diet of death, misery, horror and separation it can be challenging to get up from that table and sit down at one where there is peace, love, support and understanding. This is due to the trauma that humanity have undergone and the ensuing "stockholm syndrome" that is now more than apparent within the general population.

WE ARE asked to allow HEAVEN's GATE to reveal itself fully as we now begin to move beyond where we have been held in place. It is CREATOR Himself who open HEAVEN's GATE as we approach and it is not simply an open and pop thru scenario. We have to adjust to the frequency that HEAVEN in TRUTH IS. This requires us to allow the ANGELIC realms to cleanse us of the frequency that has held us in chains.

Much like a wound that has gone untended since it was inflicted the wound is putrifying and the initial attempts at tending to it may be rejected by our human physical vehicle which is hyper sensitive to pain. But this pain is part of the process that leads to understanding. Why do we have parts of our human life experience that are so painful that we barely venture beyond the walls that we have built within them? Why is it so challenging to move beyond experiences endured?

The ANGELIC realms work for CREATOR and are under the instructions of CREATOR, they will therefore not bend to our will in regard of the healing that is now offered. It is our courage in understanding that we have to go beyond the WOUND in order align with TRUTH that allows us to open our hearts fully as the ANGEL approaches us.



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