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Approaching the boundary that says "nothing past this point" in TRUTH

As the human race now begin to go into free fall and that which has sought to present the illusion of "solid" and "permanent" now begins to waiver and to ripple the resulting shock wave will begin to be felt by those who have remained in strict denial of the massive changes that are now occurring within humanity itself.

We are lied to at every level of creation within this dimensional space and yet we strive to bypass the acceptance of this by forging a path of "survival" within said dimensional space. Indeed the word survival is almost taken as a challenge by many within humanity. Survival is the cement that has sought to keep humanity in place within the rote and ritual that is passed off as a human life experience.

Now we approach the boundary which will state very clearly "turn back, nothing beyond this point" and will go all out to seek to validate itself. It will play VERY clearly to the human logical mind which is fooled very easily through the hiding of that which lies just beyond said boundary. When we approach moments in our human life experience where our human logical mind cannot imagine a path forward we are held in place by the illusion that the human logical mind forges. As this is not TRUTH it is no longer supported so at this time many will find themselves staring at emptiness and may fall to the illusion that it is simply a void.

Nothing is further from TRUTH, that which is hidden is only hidden due to the lack of reference points that the human logical mind has been conditioned to use in its forging of an assumed way "forward".   Just because we cannot physically see a path beneath our feet or even see a way that something can move forward does not make this TRUTH, it just means that we have approached a frequency that we have no reference points for.

For many at this time the about turn and the looking for a way forward will be removed as this is simply further illusion. We must now allow our surrender to help us reach TRUTH that sits beyond this dimensional space. We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to "plan", to "imagine" and to "move". What is hidden within this heavy conditioning is that which is manifest from said conditioning is a stasis. We may fall to the illusion that we are somehow forging ahead but we have simply changed the background "picture" and are actually in the same position as we have always been.

We cannot underestimate the human logical mind and the human eyes at this level of the cleansing and clearing process. Those around us who are not currently within this process will go all out to validate the reality of their human life experience and no amount of talking or explaining will move them from this action.  This is the parting of the sea in many ways for not all of humanity are within the expansion process, they do not require to be, such is the vast picture that humanity have been denied forever.

This is not a massive gate that millions will walk through, this may be the picture that is presented by the old earth construct/matrix but it is presented in order to disillusion those who are trapped within this false teaching. The resulting frustration and exasperation of those who fall to this false teaching hold nothing but themselves within place for all are not whom they appear to be despite their human physical form.

It is FREQUENCY that results in manifestation nothing else and yet frequency is not understood by the vast majority of humanity. They may reference frequency but this does not mean that they have moved into the understanding of frequency.

Once again we are asked to allow physical everyday waking life experience to be gifted to us of a blindness that is unique to humanity, one that has been used to contain, suppress and self contain the human life experience itself. It not enough to know that water is wet, we have to experience the wetness in order to understand the water itself. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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