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Approaching the delivery room in preparation for DELIVERY in TRUTH

As the old earth matrix intensifies its pressure on the human life experience thru the planting of seeds of fear (manifest thru the watering of said fear thru social platforms) there are many who are now approaching the final stage in preparation for DELIVERY.

As discussed in the Reflections Two Podcasts (click here to access) we have been kept in a false state of incubation forever.  The human life experience is made up of karmic and incarnation timelines which seek to hold us in the space PRIOR to the birth of ourselves. So it is like growing a baby within the womb but never delivering the baby, the baby remains in the amniotic sac swimming in the fluid, then is moved back to beginning of growing again stage, it is never permitted to leave the womb and is never permitted to evolve past the fetal stage, thus we are akin to unborn children.  We do not know who we are in TRUTH because the old earth matrix makes sure that we never become independent of the mother or the womb itself.

At this time we are approaching the event horizon which is the birthing of our human physical form into TRUTH itself. This sits beyond the old earth matrix which is akin to the womb from which we are born into.  Within the matrix we are told who we are , we are heavily conditioned to conform and any viewpoint of independence and challenging is met with the conditioning being intensified.  We get caught in incarnation cycles that simply pile on who we are NOT and in doing so get pulled into the safety of adapting to the old earth matrix itself.  ALL HAPPENS WITHIN THE MATRIX, we are not connected to wider Creation in TRUTH because we are conditioned to believe that the womb is all that there is. This is not TRUTH and we are now being prepared to exit the womb.

Just like a woman in labor we will find that we experience a shift that results in us feeling a change but not necessarily seeing it. We have grown too big to remain in the womb and the discomfort is being felt by all who have reached this stage.  We may feel very contained, like we cannot breathe at times and that there is intense pressure placed upon us.  We must view this in the context of TRUTH and not simply write this off as yet another phase that will somehow pass but the outer waking reality remain the same, it will not, neither will we.

At this time we are asked to remain still and TRUST the process. Already the old earth matrix is stirring the emotional pot of humanity.  Using the emotional resonance that humanity are conditioned to accept is part and parcel of the human life experience as a way to navigate the fear highways. This will now come to an end for those are in the process as the WATERS BREAK prior to delivery.

It is one thing to read about something, another to physically experience it. The birthing pains will increase but just as leaving the womb is a change of LIFE for the baby it is also a change in the life of the parent giving birth to the baby.  It is CHANGE FOR ALL.  ALL have waited forever to meet us in this our human physical form and as we all begin to prepare for the changes we must understand that there are those around us who have not reached full gestation. For them the womb is the safest place that they understand and any attempt at trying to move them from this would be detrimental to them due to the frequency that they are CURRENTLY resonant with.

We require to have compassion for ALL as we now move into a space where NO ONE has ever been in this a human physical form.

We are asked to surrender to TRUTH for it is TRUTH that delivers us to ALL.



(c) Karen Doonan

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