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Approaching the spiritual EXIT point in TRUTH

We are now on the verge of stepping out of the constant questioning and searching.  This is a manifestation of the human logical mind and is pushed by the old earth matrix itself. The longer it can keep humanity running around like headless chickens seeking to prove their own existence the longer it can remain.  This point in the evolution of humanity is a pivot point and there are those who now step off the merry go round of why? how? etc.

As they take measures to step off said merry go round those who have fallen to the continual questioning and who are now validating their entire life experience thru it will begin to stir and they will turn on those who now make movement.  This is shared not to add to any panic that may or may not arise within those who are making said movement but to bring this to our awareness.

Just as a wounded animal will attack those who are trying to physically help it a race that has been kept enslaved and contained will do the same.  This is a fear reaction that must be noted before it is side stepped. Just as with helping a wounded animal would involve some sort of protection from the claws/attacks of said animal in the process of helping we are provided with the spiritual armor that protects us against the backlash from a race that has sought to escape without understanding why the escape is even necessary.

The coming linear few weeks are the most intense that humanity have ever experienced and the backlash of anger, of fear and of hostility is that which is being cultivated. It plays to the old earth matrix itself to have humanity turn on itself. This is not news, this has been reiterated for many, many years that the old earth matrix is a division and separation that works to keep these boundaries in place. However the human physical vehicle goes into "survival" mode very easily indeed and even those who are aware can fall to the illusion if it is presented densely enough.   Survival is a trait that is bred into and conditioned fiercely within humanity.

Now we must have compassion as we enter the spiritual exit point that will see us now make way to BACE Camp (info on the main releasing eden website and bridge podcast 4).  This is a spiritually protected dimensional space for the 144,000 and for the regrouping. We have been within humanity for a long long time and the wearing away of our energy, of our focus and our purpose has seen many side step their own creation purpose in the illusion of helping a race in way that is not TRUTH.

TRUTH is the guide, it is our foundation and always has been. At this time we are asked to understand the pain of a race held in captivity and prevented from its own evolution. We now prepare for phase two which will see us take the steps necessary in order to complete that which we came here for. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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