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As we begin to walk more assuredly within the Crystal Kingdom we will find protection in the actual crystals themselves. Aquamarine comes to soothe our emotional landscape. The human physical vehicle is mostly water and this reflects our emotions. A vessel that is still and calm can find a peace that is missing in a vessel that is full of churning waters.

Often the storm begins when our human logical mind tries to force a navigation that is against TRUTH. As we are magnetic and will tune into the magnetic force of TRUTH the push/pull begins when our human logical mind tells us and tries to validate that we are navigating in the wrong direction.

The path out of the old is paved with old belief systems, outmoded patterns of behavior and we must accept this. The Crystal Kingdom works to increase our sensitivity to TRUTH by stilling the waters within. To become still we must simply surrender. Aquamarine is gifted to us in times of emotional distress and we take this crystal deep into our heart space. This allows for the release of the outmoded belief systems that are holding us in the swirls of "turmoil". We then begin to understand what we are being asked to let go in order to accept expansion and new way of living and being.

ALWAYS its a win/win, LOVE in TRUTH wins each and every time and healing begins when we accept this. Working with Archangel Raphael and Aquamarine we can reach depths that the human logical mind will simply reject. This allows us to find the root that is keeping us FROM LOVE in TRUTH and once we remove the root the water calms and we find that the storm has passed over.

At this time we are asked to understand that our emotions are used against us by the old, they are used to contain us. Like a body of water that is dammed off we can become stagnant. In order for the new to flow and fresh life to be experienced we simply remove that which has sought to contain the body of water.



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