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Archangel JOPHIEL

Updated: May 19

"Greetings BELOVED ONES, WE ARE AA JOPHIEL and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time. As we now move into place our ANGELIC STARSEEDS will begin to awaken from their deep slumber and begin to remember why they came here in TRUTH.

It is GRIEF that is the enemy of the human race at this time, the holding on to that which has passed in the belief that letting go is betrayal. So deeply seeded in grief are humanity that many no longer visit their heart space nor allow it to open even a fraction.

HEAVEN in TRUTH speak thru the deep heart space and many are lined up ready to speak with humanity but those who closed their heart become deaf to the messages. WE ASK at this time that you simply approach the heart and allow it to OPEN in TRUTH. For in the opening is the understanding that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

"KNOW THYSELF - REMEMBER TRUTH" - for LOVE is the ANSWER, no matter the question".

AA Jophiel thru Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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