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Archangels and demons

For many people the idea that energy is something that does not power their laptops, cell phones or light bulbs is a myth. The new age movement has done a spectacular job of bringing to the fore something that many still write off. Indeed the "religion" that has birthed thru the new age movement remains hidden to many both in and external to said movement. It is the rote and ritual that is adhered to that indicates it is a control movement, and in that control are energies that want to remain hidden for they are other than they state they are in TRUTH.

As someone who has walked in the field of frequency and vibration for a very long time I have seen and encountered first hand some of the totally ridiculous methods that many try to reach something that they believe is other than it is in TRUTH. I have spoken with people for example who believe that they can "channel". Asking them what they are connecting to has highlighted that they simply do not know and they have never asked an energy to validate itself.

Those who "connect" with energy need to understand who they are connecting to and this is not as straightforward as it first appears. Simply connecting is relatively easy, validating the energy and working with it has to be in TRUTH and thru the deep heart space. It is to be noted that fallen angels (who can appear as just angels), demons, "ascended masters" etc have NO creation rights. They can manipulate energy and make it appear to change but permanent change only happens in TRUTH.

Many are locked into personal battles believing that somehow they only have to work harder, know more or sacrifice more in order to achieve what has been "promised" by an energy. This is a sure fire give away that said energy is simply an illusionist. Remember we are moving out of the old earth matrix, those who are connected to it will REMAIN connected. An energy that tries to have those connecting to it keep from the physical plane is an energy that is playing with illusion.

As we go further in to the higher levels of frequency these energies will drop off as they cannot maintain the frequency that is required to achieve the movement. These energies will therefore present blocks and present them as somehow needing massive amounts of frequency to remove them. (e.g needing the consent of humanity, needing a percentage of humanity etc).

WE ARE asked to continue to validate TRUTH thru the physical movement and expansion that we experience thru the physical plane of existence. ALL takes place on this physical plane, it is not a war that is being waged only on the other planes of existence. It is a final that will be played in the physical.



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