Archangels and the 144,000 in TRUTH

As we now begin to align fully with HEAVEN in TRUTH the picture presented to our human physical form will begin to move and shift as TRUTH is poured at increasingly expanded levels. We are required to work closely with this and this will be aided by HEAVEN in TRUTH who have now birthed thru and into this physical reality.

The work of TRUTH Codes is now shifting and to this end the podcasts will now be under the banner of HEAVEN in TRUTH. The original TRUTH Codes podcasts will soon be removed and replaced with the new podcasts which will be under the banner of UNRUFFLE YOUR FEATHERS podcasts from TRUTH Codes. These will be uploaded and available in due course. The TRUTH Codes GOLD podcasts will now be renamed GOLD FEATHER podcasts from TRUTH codes and will be added to, none will be removed. So please be aware of the changes. The UNRUFFLE YOUR FEATHERS podcasts will introduce HEAVEN in TRUTH but will NOT go into the detail that the GOLD FEATHERS subscription podcasts will.

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