• Karen Doonan

Architecture Collapse

As we begin to allow the full dissolving of all that we have constructed within the old earth matrix itself then we begin to allow for fluidity to levels that we have never physically experienced before in this our human physical form. To be clear, wider Creation in TRUTH is FLUID, the human life experience within the old earth matrix is STATIC. Thus it is akin to a pond that has been frozen beginning to thaw out and as it does the water begins to move and to shift.

The water in this example is of course our human emotional field. Static is that which is required within the old earth matrix itself, so we will find ourselves stuck in a belief system, stuck in a behavior pattern, an emotional response pattern, the list is endless. It is the moving and shifting and the fluidity of this that will perhaps take us by surprise as we move thru this part of the process.

Where we would have gotten thru a typical day by separating and dividing the day into sections now we are able to move seamlessly interact with all around us. So spiritual conversations may spring to life then fade as we move thru our human everyday waking experience. We will find ourselves able to multi task to new levels, but this multi tasking is not doing many things at once in an expectation of somehow getting ahead or being super busy, our ability to clear, whilst listening, whilst holding a conversation and clearing and cleansing any, all and every attachment in the process, all at once will INCREASE.

This is akin to when we first learned to drive a vehicle, perhaps to start with we concentrated on just driving, never taking our eyes off the road and being stiff and unresponsive. Then by the time we have practiced driving (we are given practice in our fluidity at this time) we will be able to turn the radio on whilst concentrating on the road whilst holding a conversation in the vehicle with others around us. This expansion can be exhilarating at times but we may find ourselves tiring in the early stages. We may begin to wonder why we were never able to reach this level before and then we begin to look at humanity and understand the confinement they are subject to, the control, the manipulation. It is at this point that we are faced with our own emotional reaction to this and we are given the opportunity to clear and cleanse this. We have to, we cannot take this emotional debris over the BRIDGE, it will lower and destabilize our energy signature.

Further support and help is available on the main Releasing Eden Website at this time. Bridge Podcasts are also being uploaded to help address concerns and physical worries during this process.



(c) Karen Doonan