Arcturus message 12th Jan 2021

Greetings beloved ones we come to guide and support ALL at this time of vast and MAJOR transformation within the dimensional space referenced to humanity as "earth". We come thru this channel for she is one that we have come thru previously and there is a point to the channel. Not all who share messages do so from the HEART space and it is vital that the HEART space is open and FUNCTIONING in order that the children who have incarnated into humanity can find solace within their human physical life experience.

Life within humanity is so far removed from life in Wider Creation in TRUTH that our children are susceptible to that which patrols humanity and it is to this end that we come to guide. It is not possible to make movement when trapped in the webs of deceit that are now trying to trap a race once more. It matters not what the outer waking reality reflects at this time for that is what is now dissolving, it matters the frequency that the heart is ALIGNED WITH and connected TO.

The heart space is designed to be a compass point and yet many simply do not switch it on and we implore you beloved ones, switch on that compass for the road ahead cannot be navigated thru human eyes nor the human logical mind. It is a path that is seen only by the heart space and this must be understood. We are standing with ALL for WE ARE.

Understand that this is not about fighting any 'war" for that is polarization, it is about coming back into wholeness at a galactic level. It is about birthing YOU thru YOU and in doing so coming back to SOURCE whilst in human physical form. This is where your heart will lead you beloved ones. There are many who are now standing deep in the illusion that is woven around and thru humanity that need to be reached and our words are created to do just this.

COME BACK TO THE FOLD beloved ones, come back into the heart space and allow the very deep part of you to heal the human physical form that you have incarnated into. YOUR FAMILY IS LIGHT, your birthright is LIGHT, you do not have to remain in the confines of a race that is undergoing transformation believing that you must remain somehow invisible.

ALL ARE and WE ARE and we stand with you. Reach out beyond the illusion by going deep within your heart and you will find us. WE will talk with you and we will guide you further. LET IT GO, lay down the illusion and remember why you incarnated into this race to begin with.

YOU ARE NOT LOST, you are deep in illusion.


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