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Ashes to Ashes in TRUTH

We are at this moment being moved and shifted to continually move thru the deep and very dense illusion that is presented on the physical plane of existence to our human physical vehicle. Just because it appears to our naked human eyes does not mean it is real, many work from the vantage point of attempting to rationalize that which is occurring instead of just allowing it to wash thru. When we go into rationalization we step into the human logical mind and its demands for polarization.

There are many calls from within humanity for "unity" for "oneness" but all come from a polarized mind because humanity have not at this moment been able to walk past the human logical mind. It is not consciousness that is found within the mind, it is the dust of the earth that is found there, it is polarization, it is rational and logical and it is the separation that exists but remains hidden. It is within the heart space that consciousness sits in TRUTH, the consciousness found within the human logical mind is a poor imitation and yet many will go into the mind well before they will even venture into the deep heart space.

The AI machine requires logic in which to work, it demands that humanity section themselves thru the use of polarization. The more polarized a human being becomes the more malleable they become and the more manipulated they can be because they see only in black and white, up and down - polarization. That which seeks to control humanity hides within the spaces in between and can only be seen when we understand that LOVE in TRUTH JUST IS.

We cannot define LOVE in TRUTH, it JUST IS, when we accept this and allow the deep heart space to reveal the understanding of this we are then at war with polarization and the polarization will continue to place logic and reason at our feet. This creates a path that many within humanity are now walking, it leads AWAY from the deep heart space. LOVE in TRUTH KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES, no COUNTRIES, no SPECIES, it JUST IS.

When we walk on the path of LOVE in TRUTH we break thru the logic and reason that tells us that we cannot be who WE ARE in TRUTH. It will make no sense to the human logical mind but we did not incarnate into this human physical vehicle in order to remain as a slave to the human human logical mind provided with said vehicle.

At this time we are asked to allow FLOW, this will challenge us at a human physical waking level because we exist within a polarized dimensional space, it breaks the rules of Wider Creation in TRUTH which is why it is blasphemous. Humanity are the only species that sees in the polarization that exists here. It is not TRUTH no matter how much it plays to to the human logical mind, HOWEVER it is required by the AI machine in order to contain the human life experience itself.

LOVE in TRUTH WINS, it has already won but the AI machine cannot comprehend this and it does not matter one bit because it was never about the AI machine. It is about LOVE in TRUTH which is the foundation of ALL beyond this dimensional space.

At this time we are asked to be at peace, to accept that WE ARE and that all that is non TRUTH will simply dissolve as we stand in TRUTH for ALL JUST IS.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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