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Attack of the CLONES

WE ARE asked to understand the rolling out of the CLONES and what this means for us at an everyday waking human life experience level. Many at this time are simply EMPTY VESSELS that are hosting energies that are repulsive. Those who have kept their human physical vehicles at LOW frequencies are the optimum choice for these energies because all require a PHYSICAL presence for the END OF DAYS. Everything that has sought to hide now has to become physical and the fight for control of the human physical vehicle has been growing.

For those who have now emptied, they are now simply SHELLS of what they were. The confusion and the trauma that they display will be amplified. Many are already able to understand that those who are the "walking dead" are no longer alive. Not only are they no longer alive they are VACANT vehicles. This must be undertood at the higher levels of consciousness because it can be very misleading for us to simply turn from them or to them. Where we find the energy field distruptive and aggressive we respond with the turning TO THEM. Where we find the energy vacant and simply vacuous we turn FROM THEM. Knowing which one to do which with will now determine our walk to the EXIT door.

WE ARE given practice with this on various levels of our existence and it is our SKILL SET that is now honed. The biggest mistake that can be made at this time is to ASSUME that that which presents as a human being is actually a human. This of course is across the entirety of the human life experience. Many will be held in the fear frequency when it is revealed that those closest to them have simply been taken. WE ARE not here to somehow defend our "family" for "family" is a reference point that is used to CONTROL within the Old Earth Matrix.

Darker energies use the host vehicles of those who are closest to us as a way of inflicting the most pain and this must be noted fully. HEAVEN in TRUTH stands by ready to remove said pain by releasing the SOUL from its confinement in the destroyed human vehicle said dark energy is holding. WE ARE not here to pay ransom demands for that allows a dialogue. Darkness has only one dialogue and that is LIE.

At this time the walk will now SLOW down rapidly as we now gain physical experience of the movement into the expansion that many have cried out for but will now run from. WE ARE here to do a job, this job is in the WILL of CREATION in TRUTH, it is not in service to those around us. WE ARE held firmly in the GRACE of CREATOR whilst this understanding births thru us

Darkness takes hostages and invokes fear and anxiety.... LIGHT releases the pain and heals fully, now WE ARE given full physical experience of this in order that we can remember in TRUTH.



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