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Avoiding icebergs and keeping on course in TRUTH

For many at this time the emotional landscape that they are within is one that is painful and stagnant, we are conditioned heavily within the old earth construct/matrix to avoid that which we ASSUME is painful and in doing so we solidify the very emotion that allows for freedom of movement. We can see this within family structures where in human birth families there will be one emotion that is not tolerated. This of course is denied at a conscious waking mind level and may appear to be played out repeatedly but this is not the case in TRUTH.

Anger is the emotion that is used as a pivot point for other emotions and it is anger that darkness uses to control the pivot point. We may sail thru a day until we are triggered by the frustration and apparent anger that builds within us. We may be travelling to work and end up in a traffic jam, we may be in line and someone slows us down or we may be the recipient of some news that floors us.  The pivot point will always be anger but anger disguises itself in a variety of ways.

For many within the expansion in TRUTH process at this time the journey to remove the anchor point may be at turbulent one. The anchor of course is that which attaches us to and keeps us firmly within a situation within the old earth construct/matrix itself. The anchor allows for movement but only up until a certain point then it holds us fast and firm. In order to remove the anchor and to sail past the outer edge of the containment we require to dissolve the anchor itself but it is PROTECTED by the emotion of anger which will use any and all disguises in order to blur the anchor itself.

At this time we are asked to remain surrendered IN Christ and to allow for the illumination that only Christ can reveal.  Anger may feel awkward and yet it is a iceberg that can be defrosted with the correct tools.  It is not TRUTH to simply try to run thru it because much like an iceberg it will attempt to sink the ship that we sail upon. However when Christ reveals to us the anchor point itself we can then take the steps necessary to begin to dissolve the ice berg rendering it useless and in doing so be able to see that which darkness needs to keep hidden.

When we approach this iceberg those around us will go into overdrive attempting to steer us away from the iceberg. This is due to the triggering that ripples out throughout the BANDWIDTH that family lineage share with one another. ALL is frequency and ALL can and will be altered when we remove the frequency that is interrupting.   All of humanity are controlled thru emotion primarily. It may appear that this is not the case but everything within the old earth construct/matrix is sold on emotional response, from cars, to perfume, to houses to bank accounts, all taps into how we feel emotionally and the response that this triggers.

As we now begin to sail in un-chartered waters, we must now trust the captain of our ship to make small changes to our navigation plans for we cannot see that which He can see. Christ sits out with the old earth construct/matrix which is why there is such a war on being able to connect and to work WITHIN Him.  Those who are now fully surrendered in Him are now preparing to cross a threshold that humanity deny exists and in said denial is the anger that any are even attempting it. For in crossing said threshold all that we have been conditioned to believe dissolves and that which has remained hidden is revealed in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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