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WE ARE now asked to remove the SHADE that has prevented us from receiving the RAYS of the SON in TRUTH. In this our human physical form we have been continually conditioned to remain in the shade, taught that to step outside of it is DEATH and as a result have become malnourished from lack of SON LIGHT.

Archangels are at this moment removing the false SHADES in order that we can now bask in the SON LIGHT and as we begin to allow the rays to warm us we understand the power of the SON in TRUTH. It is the Archangels who hold us in their firm embrace as they reveal to us that we will not burn, that we will not die. Like flowers we will open our heart PETALS to the SON LIGHT and in doing so we will bloom.

Archangel Gabriel blows the trumpet to call all to prayers at this time and the prayers are not what we expect for again we have been conditioned to pray against ourselves. PRAYERS are being heard by Creator thru CHRIST at this time because it is our PRAYERS for TRUTH that are being answered by TRUTH itself.

As we now allow the rebirth and the blooming to begin we will look around and see the GARDEN that we bloom within. We will see the Archangels tending to the "blooms" with the watering cans of the WATER OF LIFE, they will see the Archangels sing over the "blooms" in order that the petals open fully and that the wonder of CREATION in TRUTH can be seen and felt by all.

The REGENESIS of TRUTH has begun, we are no longer at the end, we are at the beginning and in the beginning was the WORD of YHWY.



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