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We stand on the edge of a precipice that many believe leads to death, nothing is further from TRUTH but a race that has been conditioned repeatedly to accept this will begin to defend it and in doing so keep it in place.

The Old Earth Matrix is now ready to reveal the next and perhaps the most challenging veil and those who are now in place to protect said veil ripping are taking their places. We have seen NOTHING yet as the Old Earth Matrix has attempted to rebind and reBLIND the human race. Those who have gone down various rabbit holes are now finding that they are running in circles and this is part of the defense mechanism of the Old Earth Matrix itself.

We have been told repeatedly that the Old Earth Matrix will come to an end and it is the Matrix itself that has sought to create the various wormholes that many within humanity simply disappear into. View it akin to a massive cheese grater, once you have gone thru the holes you become part of the SHREDDING PROCESS but cannot see this due to the focus that is placed as you enter the wormhole.

Now the cheese has finished grating the cheese grater will be removed. What will be revealed is the level of corruption that said cheese grater shredded. It may be easier to view this akin to a giant shredding machine, with the pieces so small that many think that the bigger picture that is there can never ever be assembled and seen.

Wider Creation in TRUTH does require the various pieces to be placed back together, this is a distraction that has kept many within humanity on the edge of their seats attempting to redress something that is coming to COMPLETION. The end of times is almost complete with one final reveal to come.

Most within humanity will choose to exit the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and this is done thru the GRACE that is offered to the souls that have been thru the cheese grater repeatedly. This will manifest on the human physical plane in a variety of ways but the Old Earth Matrix itself can no longer use the slight of hand it has been using to date.

We are not alone, we have never been alone and yet a massive proportion of humanity have sought to defend the lie that WE ARE for cycle after cycle. TRUTH JUST IS and it is TRUTH that now pulls back the curtain to reveal who the wizard is in TRUTH. For many at this time this is a step too far and the worldwide restriction of liberty will seek to provide shelter for them at a time when they are not able to fully function due to the death of a reality that is blasphemy.

At this time we are asked to remain in the deep heart space and to understand that in order to heal a rip in the dimensional structures that exist it is necessary to highlight where the rip is and who caused it.



(c) Karen Doonan

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